Saturday, September 3, 2011

About Audrey - an Introduction to "Defrump Your Home"

CHANGE. This word pretty much sums up my life right now. IMPROVE and GET BETTER are right in there with it! Ok...might as well add DEFRUMP to this list too. :D Hi! Welcome to My name is Audrey and I am a 32-year-old “stay-at-home” mom. I am married to Phillip, my AWESOME husband of 10 years, who works hard so I can be with our two sons, Daniel (age 4) and Gideon (almost age 2) every day.

About a year ago, my life began to change. It all started when God began to show me how important my roles as wife, mom, homemaker, and friend really were. How important are they, you might ask? Vitally important! In fact, they are THE most important things that I can personally do while here on this earth. Why? Because they’re all about loving and serving, forgiving and forgetting, teaching and helping. They’re all about our relationships with each other; and more importantly, our relationship with our heavenly Father.

So, you see, when it finally sunk in how important my life and my attitude were to those around me, I HAD to change. But change doesn’t come easy to me. Actually, I don’t like it much. It’s not very comfortable! ;-) And I struggle at it every day. But I know I must do it...I want to do it! I want to improve in every area of my life so that I can bless the ones I love. I want to be a blessing to you too, which is why I’m hoping you’ll follow me and my friends on our journey as we defrump, improve, get better, and CHANGE!

Ok. So what areas am I specifically trying to work on?

1) Being frugal is a big one for me. I love to shop! I’m like Anne Shirley of Green Gables when she says, “I know I chatter on far too much...but if you only knew how many things I want to say and don't, you might give me some credit.” Ok. Substitute “shop” and “buy” for “chatter” and “say” and you can appreciate who I am. :-) I especially like to buy things for my home, to make it prettier. Which is why my blog posts will mainly be about defrumping your home and making it beautiful, orderly and serene...BUT on a budget!

2) I also am working on weight loss and my overall health. I’m currently on the South Beach Diet, which I’m loving! Exercise...yep, working on that too. Can’t wait to see all the yummy, healthy meals my lovely friend Lauren comes up with!

3) Definitely need to include relationships in this list - husband, kids, friends, others, etc. I’m looking forward to sharing and getting new ideas in this area from my lovely friend Susan!

4) Finally, I’m trying to eliminate some frumpiness from my wardrobe/style. I must say, my sister got all the fashion sense in my family! So, I really need to read the posts from my lovely friend Amber - come on, Amber!

As you can see, I have a LOT to work on! But that’s ok - “Progress, not perfection!” as FlyLady likes to say. I hope you can be inspired by our blog, and learn lots of new things that can help you on your personal journey toward your own defrumping goals. Please share your stories with us...we’d love to hear from you! Can’t wait for some MORE CHANGE!

God bless!

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