Saturday, September 24, 2011

Goin' Shoppin', Goin' Shoppin', Oh it sets your senses in a whirl.

We are happy to welcome our great friend Sara as a guest poster today! She is a style maven and lover of NY&C. We asked her to come share her tips on how to get great deals at her favorite store.

You'll have to forgive me the abundance of apostrophes, for you see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is one of my all-time most favoritest movies of all time.  So it only makes sense that I should allude to it when writing about one of my other favorite things, New York and Company.

Yes, I love it.  I love it like Anne Shirley loves puffed sleeves (on a roll with the favorite things), like Elizabeth Bennett loves books (ka-ching!), and like my daughter loves to wake up at 6am (daughter-yes, 6am-no).  But the point of this is not to convince you of how I feel, but rather, to convince you to feel the same way.  Well, maybe slightly less passionately.

If you have never shopped at NY&Co, you should.  They make great-looking clothing that is appropriate for everything from work to housework.  They make coordinating pieces for those who struggle with putting an outfit together.  They repeat colors from previous lines so that you can update your wardrobe without having to buy a completely new one.  And best of all, their clothes run a little large, so generally you can buy a size smaller.  I'm sold.  How about you?

Well, in case you aren't, here is one more tidbit of info that should send you flying to the nearest NY&Co.  Coupons.  I love coupons.  And apparently, NY&Co loves to make them.  I am on their email list, and I get one everyday.  If you aren't on it, get on it here (bottom, left-hand corner of the page).  They'll give you $25 off of $75 just for signing up, but I wouldn't waste my time with that.  There are much better ones to come. 

Now there's lots of things you gotta know-

1)  Almost all of the coupons work by giving you a certain dollar amount off when you spend a certain dollar amount.  This means that you won't be able to walk in and buy just one thing and use a coupon, but who wants to buy just one thing anyway?  The minimum you will usually have to spend is $45.  If you do it right, that $45 can get you alot.

2)  The most common coupon is $30 off of $75 (40% off) or $60 off of $125 (48% off).  As you can see, the more you spend, the more you save (My husband disagrees with this reasoning, preferring instead, "The more you spend, the more you spend.").  My personal favorite is $50 off of $100, which is more rare, but comes at least monthly.

3)  If you are really wanting a great deal, the name of the game is wait  Even at 50% off, most items will be in the $17-$25 range.  I try never to spend over $12 on any one thing.  I wait until the things I want go on sale for at least 40% off.  You can combine coupons with sale items, just not clearance.  Sometimes, the entire store is on sale for 40% off.  I am really dangerous then!

This isn't rocket science.  Just watching and waiting.  I LOVE to shop, so I don't mind going every week or so just to see what is on sale.  You may not, but I bet you can still find some great deals whenever you do go.
Hopefully this has inspired you.  Maybe you'll go in next time you pass NY&Co.  Maybe you'll see me in there.  I love getting to share on this blog.  The Defrumpin' Gals are some great ladies, and I love reading what they have to say.  Thanks for letting me be a part!

Here are a few other email/text coupons you might be interested in receiving.

Victoria's Secret (yes, this is important too)
Gap (bottom of the page, they will send outlet coupons too)

And just in case you didn't know what I was referring to earlier...
The greatest film ever made.

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  1. Ah, Sara!! Thank you so much for guest posting and sharing your wisdom with us! Did I mention that I got a top and a cardigan at NY&Co Thursday for $20 including tax. Hit up a 70% off clearance with Amber :-) And you're right, they're stuff is really cute and seem to be good wardrobe-building clothes, but I've always been too intimidated to actually go in and buy something. I love your money-saving tutorial, though (I <3 coupons!)! This will help a lot!