Friday, September 9, 2011

How to Survive Sports Season

Score one for the home team this weekend.

As promised yesterday, here's a tip that I've found helpful, and I think it's timely during this particular season. Most men are at least interested in sports, and at this time of year with football starting back up and post-season baseball just around the corner, it's pretty easy for even the mildly interested guys to get dragged into the sports world.

I've got one of those middle-of-the-road husbands who watches when there's something good or interesting (and ALWAYS when the Razorbacks are playing!), but who's not overly obsessed with sports. Because I knew he was into baseball when we were dating, I made it a point to be as interested in that subject as possible (even though I cared nothing very little for the sport at the time, if ya know what I mean). This simple step endeared me not only to him, but also to his dad - a big baseball fan - scoring points with the future in-laws -- yes, yes. ;-)

(And, I'll go ahead and confide that baseball really isn't that bad. :-o I know, right?)

Trust me on this, ladies. Your husband will ADORE you for loving, or even just being interested in, what he loves! And, it's a special bonus that he gets to teach you something and feel like a stud for knowing something you don't. ;-) So take the time to educate yourself on his favorite sports so when you start asking and he starts answering, you are at least speaking the same language. Here are some starter questions (didn't know this was a sports blog, did you?) ;-p --

**What are the main positions? (Baseball - pitcher, catcher, basemen, and outfielders on defense; batter and runners on offense. Football - quarterback, center, receivers, running backs, linemen [the really big guys that crouch in a line] on offense; linebackers, cornerbacks, safeties, and ends on defense.)

**Who are the big name players? (Baseball - Josh Hamilton [my fave, currently], Albert Pujols [my husband's fave], and Ryan Howard are a few. Football - Tom Brady, and the Manning brothers - Peyton and Eli [Isn't he a cutie?] are major quarterbacks.)

**What's the big news? (Baseball current standings [The teams at the top of each division will go into the postseason playoffs, and eventually two will go to the World Series.] Also, Peyton Manning is about to miss his first start in pro football, ever!)

So, you're thinking, "Are you serious??? This is going to be torture!" First of all, maybe it won't be so bad. Get yourself a cute outfit for game days, host some game day get-togethers (making sure the TV gets the spotlight), and make the best of it! (See, you can use sports for an excuse to do some fun, girly things!)

And one last tip for the road -- make it personal to YOU! Ask your husband who in the sports world has a compelling story (seriously, look up Josh Hamilton) or where players from your college team went pro (for us, that's Felix Jones, Darren McFadden, and Ryan Mallet). Find those players and root for them and their teams.

Oh, and root for your husband's team...unless it's the Yankees... ;-)

PS If you're already a sport-lovin' gal, or your man isn't really into sports, don't fret! This same tip can be applied to virtually any field! For example, my husband is VERY into photography and tech stuff. It is incredibly dull (ahem!) fascinating to me! It sometimes takes a bit of concentration and outside research to follow him into that world, but I really try to make the effort sometimes. And when I do, I know it makes him happy. Any attempt at understanding and willingness to appreciate your man's knowledge is waaay better than a simple smile and nod or an "uh-huh" as you go about your business.

Try it! You will be rewarded. ;-)

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