Saturday, September 10, 2011

Last-Minute Ideas for Grandparents Day

My friends tease me that I don't pay attention, and often I don't know what's happening.  It's partly because all my friends are geniuses, and it's partly because I'm thinking about some silly book I just read where Catherine, the auburn haired beauty, is the only woman this side of the Mississippi to penetrate the hardened heart of Hank the cowboy.

Either way, with so much happening, or -er- not happening in my head, I'm usually not thinking about special occasions.  With all that said, tomorrow is Grandparents Day.  As you can guess, I didn't think about it until last night.  Therefore, this post is dedicated to all those scatter-brained procrastinators who need a couple of last-minute ideas that don't look so last-minute.

As I was perusing Pinterest, I decided one of the best gifts for Grandparents Day is pictures.  Here is an idea that would be cute and easy if you can find a frame.  

Another cute idea, substitute the sucker for a Hershey Kiss, is this.  Change the words to anything like "a kiss for my grandma". If you don't have a program for editing pictures, try Picasa.  It's perfect for simple edits, and it's free!

Animoto is another great option.  You can very easily create a picture video from your computer or phone, and e-mail it to whoever you wish.  You can do a 30 second clip for free, or a longer one for a few dollars.  

You could also just write out your own sign and take a picture and frame it. We did this for my husband's birthday this year.  It took about two hours total to make the sign, take the picture, upload it to Sam's Club one-hour photo, and pick it up.  

Well, there you have it.  I hope this can help my fellow procrastinators.  


  1. I've always like that sucker idea! So clever! And kids holding signs and letters is always a winning idea!

  2. I can't wait to try the LOVE frame! I think I even have a frame that would work already!