Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Messy Take on Grandparents Day (complete with cute kid pictures)

I'm a planner. I often have ideas for all kinds of gifts and get-togethers, but I am terrible at carrying out these plans! This weekend was no different - a plan ahead of time, but procrastination in the execution (of course I didn't plan for the stomach bug that hit Silas after dinner last night!).

We persevered though, and started work on this gift I spotted on Pinterest. It's technically a Valentine, and this one is just for one child, but I loved the idea, and I thought I could make it work for my three.

Wanna make your own? Here's what you'll need:

-Washable paint (we used liquid tempra paint)
-Cardstock (some for handprints, some for card itself)
-Appropriately clothed (or unclothed) kiddo(s)
-Printed picture of each child
-A husband who's handy with a camera for this super-cute photo-op. (This is optional, but I'll warn you, I tried taking pictures while doing the hand-painting, and it did not work out well.) Thanks, Honey!

1. Settle kids in work area and establish ground rules (e.g., "Please don't touch anything unless I say so!").
2. Paint kiddo's hand with chosen paint color (this is messy fun because it tickles them so much!).
3. Press kiddo's hand down (multiple times if necessary - we made 3 cards, so we made 3 handprints).
3 1/2. Wash hands, wash kiddo, wash table, wash high chair, rinse brushes, find and clean random fingerprints throughout the house.... So much for the ground rules! THIS is why we only use washable craft supplies!!
4. When they are dry, cut the handprints out.
5. Glue your picture(s) and message bubble to your card.
6. Write a message on the back side of your handprints (be sure to write upside down so that when you fold the hand down to show the picture, the message is right-side up).
7. Attach hand to the card so that it folds down. (See how she's done it here?)

8. Finish it off with your own message - (ours: "Happy Grandparents Day! Love, Riley, Silas and Jonah").

I can't show you our finished product yet, but here are some progress pictures -- and those cute kiddos I mentioned!

Silas was fascinated with the paint on his hand.

Riley is a pro at painted handprints. :-)

Painting baby hands is tricky!

Jonah getting directions from big sister Riley on how to make a proper print.

Don't worry! It's non-toxic and washable!

None of them are perfect, but hey! They represent the kids well, I think! ;-)

Happy Grandparents Day!

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  1. Love the photos of those CUTE kids! Can't wait to see how the project turns out!