Thursday, September 29, 2011

Project B {Living Room}

It's almost October!!!! October is probably my favorite month (besides December), and I'm really looking forward to pulling out my Fall decorations as well as trying out some new projects with my Silhouette SD. I'll be sure to share! :-)

{Love this gallery wall!}
But today, I want to show you something I made for one of my living room walls that needed a bit of defrumping. I was originally trying to do a mix between the following two pictures I found via Pinterest:

{Amy Coffey Photography}

I love the idea of the big, beautiful, black & white photo canvases grouped together. And I also like the mixture of various framed pictures with the big W on the gallery wall. 

So, my plan is to put a big framed B (for our last name) on our living room wall surrounded by large black & white photos of us as a family. But here's the problem: large photos on canvas are expensive (I found that out when I worked for a photographer a few years back). So, unless there's a cheaper way to do it--which I know there very well might be since I haven't really researched it yet--I need another way to make this wall striking (or at least better than it was). ;-)

One day when I was strolling through Lowe's (which doesn't happen often--at least the strolling part!), I came upon large, single tiles of laminate flooring for kitchens. Now, I had just done a mod podge project on hard tiles (see here) with great success, so I figured the same idea would work with these larger tiles. In fact, I thought they just might work really well as "frames" for large photos...You see where I'm going? Mod podge the LARGE photos onto the LARGE tiles. I really like the idea of using these larger tiles for wall decorating because they are as light as a feather! And if you're wondering how to attach them to the wall, hot glue a pop tab to the back of the tile like you see here.

Anyway, I bought two different sizes (they were a couple bucks each), and promptly went home and....did NOTHING with them. Yep. Just put them in my closet. But my reasoning was that I needed to print pictures first. But I would need to schedule a photo shoot before that, because my most recent pictures of the family are from last year. But I really wanted to lose some weight before I scheduled that photo shoot....And it goes on and on. I'm sure you understand completely. 

Fast forward to yesterday. I finally pulled the smaller of the two tiles out and decided to make it into a frame for the big, wooden B I bought at Hobby Lobby. Here's what I did:

{This shows the laminate tile before I completely changed it's life.}

{Here's the tile AFTER I spray-painted it black as well as the tools I used for the project: paper cutter, scrapbook paper, mod podge and brush, spray paint.}

{Applying mod podge to tile}

{After I added the first layer of scrapbook paper}

{Decided to add another smaller sheet of scrapbook paper as a 2nd layer--yes, I make this up as I go!}

At this point, my pictures jump ahead to the finished result. I was working on this late last night, so my pictures would have been too dark and blurry. My next step after mod podging both layers of scrapbook paper was to spray-paint my wooden B ($3 from HL) and then attach it to the tile. I used glue dots to attach the B, so it wouldn't be too permanent. That way I can always take the B off and use it somewhere else if I want to. But I could've glued it on with a hot glue gun. That was it! It was so fast and easy! And cute!

What happened next can only be explained as a miracle of creative inspiration....As I was holding my finished B up to the wall, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that it would fit perfectly on a framed mirror already hanging in my living room. I held it up to the mirror, and sure enough, the square tile fit exactly on top of the mirror! And it looked SOOO good. Much better than by itself! So, I took the plunge and hot glued it to the mirror (I did try some less permanent options first but they wouldn't hold). See the results!

{Finished square tile fitting perfectly into the frame}

{A picture of the mirror before. I don't usually like to cover up mirrors, but I just had to!}

{Ta-da!!! I love it!}

{This wall is now the focal point of my room; and I still plan to add some photo tiles around it just as soon as I schedule that photo shoot!}

{Last one...I love how the all the little curls on the B, the frame, and the sconces match! So accidental!}

{What the entire room looks like. Now, I just need to acquire some solid red curtains and sew up some cute slip covers for my couch pillows!}

This is why I love crafting. I love to see how my project will turn out, especially when it morphs into something completely different from what I was originally thinking! And I love that you can create something so cute with just a few dollars here and there.

Now it's your turn! Go defrump one of your living room walls....then let me know about it! :-)

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  1. Ooo, this is beautiful!!
    I like the curling vines -it makes it look vintage, romantic and elegant at the same time!

  2. So pretty, Audrey! I really need to give mod podge a try. Can you believe I've never used it?? I love this project!

  3. Thanks, Maya! It was so much fun to make. I love your creations over at Little Treasures! Thanks for the comment!

  4. Super-cute Audrey!! I have a mirror Aaron is so sick of, I bet if I used it as a frame instead of a mirror....

  5. Lauren, come to my house soon and I will show you how it's done in person! How's that? :)

    Susan, can't wait to see it when it's done! Or better yet, bring it to my house and work on it while Lauren and I work on her project! ;-)

  6. Cool Ideas for a photo wall! We actually just finished one. We're a new site and you can check out our project at We're a new follower too!

  7. Thanks, Emily! I enjoyed looking at your fall mantle and getting ideas from it!

  8. @The Rooster and The Hen: Love your blog! I joined it as well! Thanks for stopping by!!