Friday, September 16, 2011

Project "Defrump My Bedroom"

Last week, I ended my post "A Heart for my Home" with some questions to help me sort out which areas in my home need the most defrumping. I went through each room in my house, plus the outside, and picked 1-2 projects per room that I want to work on over the next several months. Here's what I came up with...

Outside curb appeal
  • paint front door darker red
  • lots of work on the front flower bed
  • decorate for Autumn
Laundry room
  • tighten screws on laundry hamper
  • ahhh! it's a mess...completely clean out and organize!
Living room
  • re-do one wall with large family portraits
  • eventually get new curtains
  • declutter and organize hutch
  • declutter top of refrigerator
  • make something cute to go above the oven
Main bathroom
  • make a towel rack with the boys' names on it (use my silhouette)
  • change out picture over the toilet
Daniel's bedroom
  • organize craft supplies in closet
  • put pictures in empty picture frames
Gideon's bedroom
Back bathroom
  • get a toothbrush holder! :)
  • change picture above towel rack
Master bedroom
  • finished! see today's post!

Okay. Yes, that's a TON! I'm just gonna work on it, little by little, even if it takes all year. At least now I have a plan. I encourage you to make a project list for your home too. The purpose isn't to get overwhelmed and stressed by what appears to be a lot of work (it's never as much as we think it will be), but to have a focused plan. Schedule small defrumping sessions -- even just 15 minutes -- and see how much you can accomplish!

It always helps me to let a friend know what I'm working on and then give that friend project reports. Keeps me motivated. In fact, that's how I became friends with the Defrump Girls! We had common goals of being the best wife/mom/homemaker/etc. we could be; and we shared ideas and tips, projects and accomplishments, ups and downs, before and after pictures....EVERYTHING! We all became such close friends through the experience that we decided to start this blog and record our journey. So, go grab a friend and get started!

Today, I finished the final thing on my "to do" list for the master bedroom. A couple months ago I painted it, got new curtains, and a new quilted coverlet. I had to acquire those items slowly though, since buying new is more expensive. Thankfully, I was able to put together wall decor from things I already had. Just switched everything up a bit! I did purchase one thing from Potter's House thrift store: this shelf-thingy (or decorative shelf to be more professional ;-). It was old and ugly! But it only cost $4, and I was determined to defrump it! So, here are my before and afters...

Shelf-thingy before--ugly!

After I gave it one coat of plum spray-paint

This picture shows the words before they've been painted. It also shows the shelf-thingy getting cluttered up. :-)


I have a really cool story about the "Dream" and "Love" wooden words! I had been keeping an eye open for some of these at a good price. They are pretty expensive new. I think I saw them for around $15 at Hobby Lobby. Well, I wanted to wait and find something cheap, and one day last week I went to a local flea market I'd never been to before. As I walked in, these two words were on the first shelf I saw! I couldn't believe it! And they were only $1 each! They just needed a little paint and they'd be perfect. So I grabbed them. As I was thinking later about the blessing of finding exactly what I wanted at a super cheap price, I was reminded about God's love for me. I truly believe that these two little words (with their wonderful meanings) were a gift from Him. It's a reminder to me that He cares about the smallest things in my life--even defrumping my home! :)


This is another bedroom wall that I wanted to change up a bit. I wasn't liking the way it looked. A little too spread out and random. So, this is the "before."

Spray painting--took about 2 minutes! They were dry enough to handle in 15.

After! (P.S.-my husband photographed the wildflowers; they are actually really, really small flowers that he shot with a macro lens--love them!)

And for the big finale....

The ugly shelf-thingy after defrumping! The paper is just scrapbook paper I cut down to size and taped on to the shelf. Super easy! The vases are milk glass I bought at a flea market (very cheap too). 

Another angle. I love the purple, black, white combo! And the candles add a bit of romance.

Master bedroom is finished! Yay!

One more shelf picture. I added a silver frame here. Yes, frame? No, frame? Not sure. What do you think?

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  1. I enjoyed my visit to you blog Great and creative before and afters.Hugs and wishes for a weekend filled with happy!

  2. Thank you so much, Katherine! I enjoyed reading about you on your blog, and look forward to following it!

  3. I vote yes on the picture frame! It looks awesome! When we buy a house you are on my decor committee!
    Hehe...Amanda Blevins (i didn't want to be UNKNOWN)

  4. You are too funny, Amanda! Glad to know who "unknown" is! :)

  5. Bravo! I love that paper with the plum shelf..looks so good!

    Thanks for linking up to Show & Share!

  6. Thanks, Jennifer! I am now following your blog, and I love it! Thanks for hosting the link party!

  7. Love this! What a brilliant and sweet idea!