Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shopping on a Budget

My friend recently told me there are different ways people react when under pressure. Some decide to roll up their sleeves and tackle a job head first. Others run and hide.  Some become like a deer in the headlights. Frozen and staring at the bright beams, they wait for the impact.

I'm the deer.

We are moving in two weeks, and all I can do is stare at the bright beams, or-er empty boxes strewn about my house. The only thing capable of pulling me out of this daze is the motivation to host dinner parties in the walk-in closet at our new house. ;)

Trust me; you wouldn't think I was so silly if you could see the tiny carved-out hole we have now.

However, I have taken time out of my staring for a little fashion research. After the challenge last week for everyone to find the "basics" in their wardrobes, I discovered I did not own a jacket/blazer. Unfortunately, our money goes to bills and other boring adult things which means I have to get creative when it comes to shopping.

Some of my favorite places to shop are thrift stores. If you live in the NWA area, Potter's House Thrift on College, Goodwill on MLK (formerly 6th St.), Goodwill on Sunset (in Springdale), and Plato's closet on Joyce are all great stores when looking for basics.

I first went to Potter's House in search of a blazer, and I struck gold. I found this dark jean blazer with a tiny bit of puffed sleeves (Anne Shirley would be so proud) for only $5.92! And yes, a small puffed sleeve is ok for "pear-shaped" girls.

Later, I went to Goodwill just for fun. I found so many shoes I loved that I actually had to choose!
At $4 a pair, I was able to buy two pairs and still pay the bills.

P.S. I decided on the wedges on top and the third pair from Aldo. I LOVED the heels, but thought I'd get more wear out of the other two.

I am all set for jeans, but if you're searching for a pair, Plato's Closet has a huge selection in all kinds of sizes and styles.  

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I would love to hear back from you all.  Do you have a favorite thrift store?

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