Tuesday, September 6, 2011

{Tech Tuesday} App Review: TargetWeight

Today I wanted to show y'all the app I've been using to track my weight loss. It is a simple, free app for the iPhone called TargetWeight. The version I am using is specifically for adults (the 20+ version). There is another version for teens. I really like looking at my progress daily -- it's very motivating!

And yes, I did have to do some camouflaging, because I'm not quite ready to tell the world how much I weigh, ha!!

Here is the main screen. You can see everything at a glance, including a nifty chart showing your progress. By tapping on each stat, you can adjust it as necessary. For example, tapping on the weight allows you to enter your weight for that day. Tapping on "days to target" allows you to choose a goal date for completing your weight loss. The BMI section shows you where your BMI falls in the underweight/normal/overweight categories and how many pounds you would have go lose or gain (haha!) to reach each category.

If you tap on the chart, it will expand for you and show you a few more stats, such as the rate of pounds per week you are currently losing. It's also just very encouraging to see that downward trend!! :-)

The "Stats" button is where the app shines. There's nothing like seeing how far you've come to keep you going!

Now, some people might not like this next feature -- and you can turn it off if you like -- but I actually love it! You can have a badge on the app telling you how many pounds you have left. I love seeing the number go down.

I'm sure are a lot of apps that do this same thing, but I like the simplicity and features of this one. It is certainly keeping me on task! I weigh pretty much every morning. It either motivates me to keep going because I'm losing, or it motivates me to be extra good because I'm not! Ha!

What are your favorite fitness/diet apps?


  1. I love the calorific/cardiotrainer (I use the free one.) I love it because you can put it your target weight, what your activity level is, and will tell you when you should weigh that much, and it will calculate how many calories you can consume to lose weight. Then, you can log your exercises, and it adjusts your calories. For instance, When I was working out like crazy, and had a goal for The end of October, It would show me I could consume 1670 calories based on My workout for The day. You also log your food, (the food log is pretty neat too). But I was in a car accident a couple of weeks ago and was injured, I couldn't work out. Well, because I want working out, it lowered my calories to eat to 1370.which it also logs yous food calories for you. I guess I love it because I don't feel like I'm in the dark about how many calories I burn if I take my kids on a walk, But helps motivate me because on The widget it shows how many calories you burned this week and if you ate good, ok, or bad(color coded). I Know that sounds complicated , and You said you like how simple yours is. Just thought I would share some cool features. <3

  2. That does sound great, Maddi! Sounds similar to the MyFitnessPal app which I have used before too. Right now I'm doing a low carb diet rather than calorie-counting, so that's why this one works great for me, but I will definitely look into that app. Thanks for sharing. :-)