Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2011 Fall Colors

"Dear Great Pumpkin,
I am looking forward to your arrival on Halloween Night. I hope you will bring me lots of presents.....
You must get discouraged because more people believe in Santa Claus than in you. Well, let's face it; Santa Claus has had more publicity, but being #2, perhaps you try harder." -Linus

Oh, I can't even express how excited I am that it is fall! Cool, crisp air, cozy socks, hot chocolate, hazelnut candles, Thanksgiving, apple pie oatmeal, Razorbacks and the SEC... Need I say more?!

The only problem is that I feel like I was just beginning to learn what the summer trends were, and now it's a new season! There's a lot more to this fashion stuff than I originally thought. Hopefully, I can keep up. :-) This is all about a growing process right?

Today we're going to look at the fall colors for 2011.

And here they are!
image source

If you're like me, not all of these colors will look great on you. Also, if you're like me, you might not be able to afford to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe based on these colors. This is where accessories come in to play. Remember those necklace tutorials I showed you? You can create a whole new necklace with different material of these colors. Another idea might be to go into any teeny-bop store, and look for cheap accessories such as belts and scarves in these colors.

I love the bamboo color, but I know it would look horrible on me as a main color. However, I can still wear it if it's in accessories, shoes, or even a skirt.

I happened to be at Wal-Mart last night and found a whole pile of t-shirts that not only incorporate these colors, but have a bit of a longer sleeve which is great for hiding "flappy arms" that we women often have. And the best part was that they were only $4.88!

The colors are a little off in these pictures.  This shirt is actually a darker purple.  

And don't forget your Arkansas Razorback shirt!  It's always a fall wardrobe staple.  :-)

Now it's time for me to play with my basics and see what I can create.  Happy fall y'all!


  1. Wow! Thanks, Amber! I love those colors, and I'm pretty sure my wardrobe has a few of those already, just need some jazzing up. I don't have any "quarry", but I like it...I'll be on the look out!

  2. I agree. Great colors! And my wardrobe could use a lot of jazzing up this fall.

  3. I have that purple shirt ;-) Also, I love these colors! I can totally do most of those. Thanks for finding that out for us!