Friday, October 28, 2011

Becoming Martha Stewart via Pinterest

Hi, my name is Amber, and I'm a Pinterestaholic.  Seriously, I. can't. stop. pinning.  It won't be long before I wrap the entire perimeter of my house in yarn and make all of our furniture out of toilet paper rolls.  

Facebook who?  I don't have time for that guy anymore since Pinterest, my new love, has come into my life.

I thought I'd take some time out of my busy pinning schedule to show you all some very pinteresting (sorry, I had to) things I've made in the last month.  

Numero uno: The Chicken Wire Frame Wrapped in Yarn
Basically, I had this giant frame that was U.G.L.Y.  And we all know the greatest way to make something ugly into something beautiful is to wrap it in yarn!  I then hot glued some chicken wire I purchased from Lowe's on the back.  Now I have a picture collage that is cute and so easy to change out.

Numero dos: The Thankful Tree

I'm so in LOVE with this idea!  I basically found some branches and put them in this vase.  Everyday, my son and I talk about being thankful.  He tells me new things he is thankful for.  I cut out little leaf-ish shapes from construction paper, and he writes what he is thankful for.  I get to help him with writing letters, and he practices sounding out words.  And yes, my 3 year old said he was thankful for his brother Asher.

Numero tres: The Gallery Wall 
I know it's not earth shattering, but almost everyone has an excessive amount of picture frames that are mismatched.  Find a way to have some order to your grouping, and put them all together. Notice I lined them up on the top and bottom.

Numero cuatro: Towel Holder and Hurricane Vase 
There are two pins here and both cost $2 each.  The towel and soap holder is made out of a $1 Tree glass and plate.  I spray painted the glass and super-glued them together.  The hurricane vase is made out of a $1 Tree vase and candlestick super-glued together.  I just stuck some pine-cones in it I found in the yard. Both were super easy and super cheap!

Numera cinco: The Letter Wall
Ok, technically I did not find this idea on Pinterest.  I found it on Google Images when I was planning Asher's nursery.  However, I have seen many different ones on Pinterest recently.  I bought mismatched letters, and I painted some and glued scrapbook paper on some.  Now, this is the main wall in the boy's "playroom". 

Numero seis: Homemade Picture Frames
There's a little sign shop down the road from my house that always has scrap wood by their trash can.  I asked if I could have it, and they said yes! Now the possibilities are endless....  Anyway, I had my muscleman husband cut three pieces out of a board.  I then wrapped it with scrapbook paper (just like a present), and I hot-glued clothespins to hold the pictures. It's a great way for me to incorporate color into my living room as well.  Note: If you don't have wood, get creative.  Audrey mentioned using shoe box lids instead.  

Y Numero siete: The Goliath Letters
So these are my giant letters I bought at JoAnn for a couple of bucks each.  I've had them about two years, and they were spray painted a green color.  They were cute, but as I said before, I will not rest until I've covered this world in yarn.  I can't decide if I want to add felt flowers to it or not...

Well there you have it, my Pinsational home! Now stop blogging and start pinning!

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  1. You're so .... Pinspiring!!!! :-) Love all of it!

  2. I laughed out loud so much at this post!! "Wrap it in yarn!" Love it! Your house came together in record time, I swear!

  3. These are all fun ideas! Love them.

  4. Thanks y'all! Who knew I would someday want to be so crafty? I LOVE it though!