Thursday, October 6, 2011

{Fall!} Decorating My "Mantel" and an Update on My Goals

Before I get into showing y'all my fall decorations, I wanted to give you a little update on how I'm doing with my defrumping goals! I don't want to forget to record the journey. I'll just show my progress in two of the areas I'm currently working on; otherwise, this post will be way too long! This defrumping journey has been SUCH a good thing for me, and the results have been awesome so far!

Goal 1: Being frugal was the first thing I mentioned needing to work on in the intro post about me. I love to shop and acquire new things, especially for my home! Of course, now that I'm trying to defrump my wardrobe, I'm starting to see how fun it can be to shop for clothes and accessories. AHHH! Just what I need. New things to shop for. :-)

Last weekend I forced myself to try shopping for clothes at a couple of thrift stores (I've never really done that before). Boy, was I surprised when I found a ton of cute things! And nothing was over $8! Most items were less than that. I even got a nice pair of slacks and a khaki skirt for $0.25 each! I am SO hooked now.

I also decided I wasn't going to spend more than $20 on fall decor this year. A lot of things I will show you in this post, I already had. But STILL...I stuck to my goal and only spent $20 (cause believe me, I could've spent a lot more!). I was greatly impressed with myself! ;-)

So, as you can see, I'm actually doing much better on staying in my budget boundaries (even when it's inconvenient or hard), and my DeFrumpin' Friends (DFF's) are SOOO encouraging to me in this! They cheer me on when I'm struggling. Of course, this month is gonna be VERY hard, but I'm determined to not go over my budget.

Goal 2: I am currently on the South Beach Diet. I've been on it for almost 8 weeks now, which is an amazing accomplishment in and of itself! I really love this diet because I'm not hungry on it, I don't have to count calories, and I'm eating healthy things. PLUS, I've lost almost 15 pounds on it so far and have gone down 2 sizes!!! Yay! That's such a huge accomplishment for me, because I've never been able to stick to a diet, let alone lose that much. I still have a ways to go, but I am right on track and looking forward to seeing how much more I can lose by the end of the year.

So there's my progress report for you! Next time, I'll try to quickly update you on my other goals. Goals are such good things, huh?

Okay. On to what I did for my fall centerpiece this year. I don't have a fireplace or a mantel, so my piano is my pretend mantel! Like I said up top, I only spent around $20 on my fall decor this year (and a few of the pieces aren't even fallish...just stuff I can use year-round). With that $20, I bought the little lamp ($12), a couple pumpkins ($2), six tiny orange candles (on sale for $0.75), some rust-colored ribbon ($1), and some metallic spray paint ($6), which I have yet to use. Everything else was stuff I already had.

I'm really liking the "gallery" look right now, so that's what I did for this main wall. It makes such a huge impact in the room! I really like it! I also prefer using the oranges, reds, and browns of the season but wanted to include some white and gold in there too.

So, here is my fall mantel!

{Love the wooden shutters and vintage mirror...both yard sale finds! $2 each!}

{Can't say enough how much I love the way the fall printable turned out in this big, metallic frame!  Such a cheap, easy way to add a touch of fall. Print it HERE.}

{The chunky, white candlesticks were an amazing find--$10 for all three! Picked them up at a really cute flea market in Prairie Grove called Daisies and Olives. If you live nearby, go check it out!}

{Yes, every piece has a story! :-) This is a Currier & Ives print called American Homestead Autumn that I got (along with the other 3 seasons) off ebay. I actually got the set in these green/gold frames (you see one frame in this pic) at a flea market years ago. But the prints were small and had some damage, so I switched them out for these larger, better quality prints from ebay. I LOVE THEM.}

{Another view of the fall subway art, the white candles, and the little, orange candles. I like how they are stacked neatly in rows. :-)}

{This is actually on another wall. But I had to show it, because I thought it turned out sweet. The brown metal piece was already on my wall, and I just added the Welcome Harvest sign on top, hanging it with some pretty ribbon.}

{See? Anything goes these days...pretty much! Just try to look at what you have in a different light. Think outside the box, rearrange things, add another layer onto things you already have, and voila! You'll have some cute, fall decorations  without the heavy, price tag!}

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  1. Love it, Audrey!! I really need to get mine done :D :D Maybe today....

  2. Wonderful!! Those are some great ideas!! So great that you have some transitional items that are going to be able to follow through each season, and I love how fall decor goes all the way through Thanksgiving! :-)

  3. Precious! I love putting different pieces together and coming up with a whole new thing. Your mantle makes me want to curl up with a hot drink. :-)

  4. Audrey, I love your blog! Your fall decor is lovely! I'm so behind on my fall decorating. Congrats on your weight loss. I too am losing weight. It's hard at times, but it's what I need to do and the Father is giving me the strength! Let the weak say, "I am Strong"! Thanks for popping in for a visit at TheDedicatedHouse and your sweet comment. Hope your Sunday is Grand! Toodles, Kathryn

  5. Thanks, Kathryn! I definitely agree with "let the weak say I am strong!" It's only by God's grace and love that we can accomplish anything. :) Thanks for visiting!

  6. beautiful mantel. I love the pumpkins on the white candle sticks and the printable framed. It all looks so good together. a nice complete fall look! Thank you so much sharing and for linking up to our party Show and Share this week! Come on back this Wednesday to link up your current projects.

    A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW

  7. Love it! Love the combo of colors and all of the cute pumpkins. Awesome job

  8. @Ty and Whitty...Thanks so much! Def gonna link up to Show & Share again this week!

    @Emmy...Thanks for the sweet comment! Really enjoyed reading your Dollar Store Pumpkin Redo!

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