Saturday, October 15, 2011

Frumps to Pumps: A Challenge

Christian Louboutin Madame Butterfly Pumps
What? You don't have $855 for a pair of shoes??
A blogger that we girls like to read is doing a challenge that is after our own defrumping hearts! Sarah Mae has challenged us all to Get Dressed every day for ... a .... month. Sarah will be giving us motivation each day as we go.  I usually get dressed every day, but I will be honest that it's often noon before that happens. And if I'm leaving the house, it frequently happens just a few minutes before I dash out the door, going crazy because I can't find some required garment. Yes, all too often, this is me. But I get SO much more done and am SO much happier (and therefore, my children are as well!) when I am dressed to the shoes to start my day. (and no, I don't mean Christian Louboutin pumps. I don't think my local Goodwill carries those...?)

I have a problem though...  I am not a morning person. My son (my 3-year-old, middle child) is a morning person. Every morning he bounces out of bed ready to go. Usually, this bouncing happens on me as I moan and whine and lament at his early rising. Tucker, it's only 7:20! Can't you sleep any later?! It literally takes me about 30 minutes 2 hours to really be awake each day.

So I know that in order to get dressed every day for the next ...however many days I make it... I must lay out my clothes the night before. So here is my commitment this week! If I do good this week, I will go on to the next.
  • Lay out my clothes each night in consideration of the next day's events
  • Get dressed to the shoes (including hair and makeup) within 20 minutes of Tucker (always the first riser) waking up
  • Wear a piece of jewelry every day
Welp. Tomorrow is Sunday. Better go pick out some clothes. ;-)

The Get Dressed Challenge!


  1. Ouch, Lauren! Really??? Do I haaave to??? :-p Okay, I'm sure it's for the best... I guess I better join you. Can someone please kick me in the tail every evening and morning??? Thanks.

  2. This is gonna be such a good challenge for me! I'm even gonna take it one step further and try to wear an apron each day I'm working at home. :) Looking forward to seeing the results of this challenge!!