Thursday, October 20, 2011

Get Ready {Planning for the Holidays}

They're cooooming.......

The holidays!! YAY!! The girls here at DefrumpMe are SUPER-excited about the upcoming season and the activity that entails.

I mean, have you seen the amazing ideas out there for Thanksgiving??

Beautiful Gratitude Board Tutorial

Free (and gorgeous!) "I am thankful for..." chain Printable

How about this adorable idea for a Kids-Only Thanksgiving Dinner party?!

Don't miss this incredible collection of Thanksgiving printables!

And these are just a mere four favorites from my Pinterest board!

Don't get me started on Christmas! But, if Hobby Lobby can start stocking ornaments and lights in June, I can start pinning ideas in July and August September and October, right? Right! Like...

25 Days of Inspiring Christmas Tales -
free printable stories WITH a tutorial on how to use it!

How precious is this? An edible nativity scene instead of a gingerbread house?!

Can't forget one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies — White Christmas!

Okay, so you get the idea. There are so many ideas and traditions and crafts and decorations out there! Where do you even begin??

OCTOBER! (if not earlier!)

Here's my advice: start planning now! Get out your calendar and start figuring out what you need to do to take care of all the holiday stuff - planning menus, cleaning house, getting out decorations, making a million new decorations because of all the fun stuff you've seen on Pinterest, planning your budget, ordering gifts, making gifts, holiday baking, family traditions and fun...

It's funny, I am a planner -- BIG TIME! I love making plans, lists, schedules — all of it! For me, it reduces my stress both in the moment and when the event is approaching. It clears my head and lets me sleep at night. But sometimes, it drives the hubs absolutely bonkers. :-) We've kind of decided that for both of us to remain sane, we have to set aside a time that works for him to discuss any plans that affect him. (Anything that doesn't involve him, I'm good to go already.) In these meetings, I have to be completely up-front with him about my plans (I've been known to make things sound more simple than I actually think they'll be....) and listen to and incorporate his suggestions.

Soooo, take some time now (yes, in October - which, by the way, is almost over), and think about how you want things to look over the next two and a half months. How was last year? Will you do the same things? What will you change? Will you add new traditions? Where will you find inspiration? How will you get it all done? Do you have a plan for keeping everything organized?

Need some help with that last bit? Check these out:

Christmas Your Way's free printable planner
(She's in the middle of 101 days of Christmas! Tons of inspiration there!)

Tip Junkie's (Man, I love that site!) printable Christmas Planner

Then of course there's Flylady's Holiday Control Journal.

As for my family, we are definitely going to be doing something along the lines of that Gratitude Board or a Thankful Tree leading up to Thanksgiving. That means I have to start getting those things gathered now! And, before you know it, the season of Advent will be upon us, and I just LOVE Advent activities! My DFFs and I are already making plans to get together for lots of fun crafting/sewing/baking fests!

Save some stress and make the seasons FUN for your family — PLAN NOW! You know the saying, "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail." (Not that any of you are failing your families if you don't start planning in October, I'm just encouraging you to be intentional.) :-)

Oh, and don't forget about the nearest celebration - Halloween. (For the record, we don't really DO Halloween in my family. Maybe a little dress up [like that's different from any other day?] and visiting family for some unnecessary candy. But none of that witch, ghost, vampire stuff here.) Check the racks starting November 1st for marked-down costumes, favors, candy, decor, and more to stock up for future family fun. For example: 

The kids had a BLAST painting Mama's face with last year's clearance face paint crayons. Sooo many giggles! Definitely worth it! (And it may, or may not, have been the only makeup I wore all day...Sorry Frumps to Pumps!!)

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the wonderful ideas you collected for us! Thanks so much!!

  2. I'm so behind on reading these, Susan! This was a great post though. Looking forward to checking out some of your links!