Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

1. :full of, actuated by, or exhibiting whims
    a: resulting from or characterized by whim or caprice
    b: subject to erratic behavior or unpredictable change

When I think of a whimsical person, I picture fairy wings, peace signs, hippy skirts, and Dharma. I wouldn't say I'm especially whimsical....I mean, lots of people decide to drive to New Orleans one afternoon and sleep in their cars in the Walmart parking lot, roller-blade five miles to a friend's house just because, or plastic wrap the school bathroom toilets...

Ok, maybe I have whims occasionally that I act on, but isn't it always more interesting to do something and ask questions later?

Today I had a whim.  "Why don't I cut my bangs for the blog. They're getting a little long.  I'll just watch a YouTube  video and do it myself!"

As I'm watching some great tutorial videos, I come across real bangs, not the poser side-sweeping kind... "Hey, why don't I just do those?  I need a new look."

20 minutes later.....bangs!!


I'm not sure what I think of them yet.  It makes my hair look darker, and I feel like I'm in jr. high again, but my forehead wrinkles are covered (I'm only 29!!) and it's definitely different.  I'm not too worried because it'll be back to normal in about a month if I don't like it.  Also, I'm hoping they fall better after I wash and dry my hair.

If you're thinking about getting bangs, I would recommend watching a few YouTube videos and trying it yourself.  It wasn't too hard, and I saved a few dollars.    

Have any of y'all ever cut your own bangs or hair?  How were your experiences?


  1. HA!! Awesome!! It does totally change your look! And I think it looks great!
    I will be cutting my bangs this week - I've decided. :-) Pray for me...

  2. Cute!!! It looks great! You left them long enough, which is the big mistake I have made before trying to cut my own. =[]

  3. Hey, Q, please don't cut your bangs. Those of us with curly hair can't have bangs unless we have time to flat iron them every day. I always see tutorials and get excited about cutting my bangs, and then after they're cut, I remember they just curl up into spiral horns. Your bangs are slightly better than mine are, but I'm just wanting to be a loving voice of sanity in a moment of excitement.

  4. Actually, we've all seen her bangs, and they look SOOO good. It's worth 10 seconds of flat ironing! Everyone has to spend a few minutes on their hair after all :-)