Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DIY Cardigan {Tutorial}

I have three beautiful children who I love with all of my heart and soul. My youngest is 15 months old. So far in my experience, by the time a baby was this age, I was pregnant with the next. My husband and I have been discussing that big question -- "Are we done??" The more independent my kids get -- and let's be honest, the further away from the newborn stage -- the more I am thinking three might be just right for us.

But I'm afraid I'm about to jinx that.

Why? Because I'm cutting up all of my maternity shirts and making cardigans out of them!!! I have made three this week, and I'm scouring my garage for more victims. This is a super duper simple modification, and you don't have to use maternity shirts. But I like how long they are, and it saves them from the Goodwill bag.

Here's how I did it!

My oh-so-lovely basic, black, long-sleeved, maternity t-shirt:

Take the side seems, match them up, and pin it so it stays together. Do the same thing at the top.

(Someone needs a lint brush, eh?)

Cut it open! I actually cut it right down the middle about halfway up, and then began to taper it ever so slightly so that the neck would have a slight V to it.

Use hem tape to turn the edges under. Follow the directions for your particular tape.

The fastest way to do this for me is to tuck a little hem tape in, rest the iron, tuck a little more, scoot the iron, etc.

That's it! I now have black, red, and gray cardigans, and I salvaged some shirts that would have been given away. You could definitely add a button, fabric flowers, some ruffles -- whatever you like.

If you try this yourself, leave us a link in the comments so we can see how it worked for you!


  1. Owww! Lookin hot!!! I love it. Great tutorial.

  2. Great tutorial! I have so many cardigans that I could do this to!

  3. Wow, yeah, what Amber said. There is definitely no frumpin' going on in that picture.

  4. You look fantastic! The cardigan doesn't look so bad either! :)

  5. Y'alls is making me blush. :D

    Thanks Melissa! Send us a link if you make one! :-)

  6. Great job, I remember doing this years ago, it's a great way to transform a sweat shirt too!! Keep up the great work!
    Have you made Onesies out of T-shirts? Way easy, let me know if you want the instructions.
    Debby Looney

    1. I want the instructuions Debbie!