Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grandmas and Copycat Fashion

Grandmothers are probably the best relative a girl could have outside her immediate family.  My Grandma Rita taught me how to catch a chicken, pluck the feathers, and have it fried to perfection for supper.  I still remember watching Wheel of Fortune with her and listening to her shout out the answers in her German accent.  

My Mammaw W. would sit on the porch swing with us kids for hours playing the "tomorrow game", which basically was her saying "tomorrow" after every question we asked her.  "Mammaw, when are we going to Disney World?" "Tomorrow."  "When are you going to grow a mustache?"  "Tomorrow."

While both of my grandmothers were and are simply lovely, I've never met one as feisty, outspoken, strong-willed, opinionated, unique as my husband's grandmother. 

She is 80 years + and she has more energy than a salmon swimming upstream.  She has camped in Alaska with bears, bicycled the Katy Trail, traveled the world, taught high school and retired, and taught high school and retired AGAIN!  She swims every morning before breakfast, and laughs at the exercise programs her retirement community offers.

Her pen is the "poison pen" (she writes lots and lots and lots of letters),  and she knows how to get things her way.  If you don't care about education and going to school, steer clear of her wrath! If you are wrong, she will tell you. If you are immodest, she will tell you.  If your hair is not combed, she will tell you.

However..... She is one of the most self-less, giving, and thoughtful people I have ever had the privilege to know.  She truly is an example of the Proverbs 31 woman.  "She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness."

She is constantly encouraging me in everything I do.  And she is convinced whatever it is could be turned into a business.  

Grandma T. - "Amber! You have your own website?!! It should be a business!"
Me- "Well, er, umm... It's a blog actually, and it's not my own."

Grandma T. - "Amber! Your house is so put together and decorated.  You should do that for other people and start a business!"
Me- "It's all copied from Pinterest." :-/

Grandma T.- "Amber! Your Christmas Calendar is beautiful!!! You should go in business!"
Me- "Thank you, but it already is a business.  It's called"

What Grandma T. doesn't realize is that I'm one of the least original and creative people out there.  That's why I've learned the fine art of being a copycat.  

This week I decided to be a copycat with my style.  I felt like I kept getting into a rut of frumpiness and wearing the same thing. I searched Pinterest for outfits I could somewhat copy with what I already had in my closet, and yes, I wore each of these outfits all day long without changing!

So here are my outfits from my 7 day copycat challenge.  And please, no comments on who wore it better. I think it's obvious.  ;-)

Day 1:

I don't have the bell-bottoms, so I opted for my boot-cut jeans. (Pay no attention to my dirty mirror.)

Dirty Mirror Day 2:
I actually found this in Google Images.  I had this little floral dress I wanted to wear, so I searched Google for floral dress outfits.  I actually ended up adding boot socks to this later that day.

Day 3: I finally cleaned my mirror!
I know it's not the same colors, but this is what I had in my closet.  I bought these Ralph Lauren black skinny corduroy pants for $12 at Daisy Exchange.  

Day 4:
Once again, different colors, but same idea.

Day 5:

The lighting is REALLY bad in my picture, but what I did for this outfit is pick the same color scheme.  It's hard to tell, but my shirt is actually the same color as hers.

Day 6:

At this point, I'm just feeling awkward from taking so many pictures of myself.

Day 7:

Stripes again! I would have never thought to put stripes and a floral scarf together, but now I do.  I skipped the boots since we aren't going anywhere today, and I opted for my flats instead.

Try being a copycat too, and see if it inspires you.  And if you ever happen upon Grandma T. someday, she  might encourage you to go into the fashion business.

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  1. Ha! I love everything Christian's gma.

  2. Oh my - so incredibly true about Grandma T! She taught me how to drive many years ago. What a riot! I still can't drive across empty parking spots without hearing her scream "AHHHHH! You're hitting all these cars!" LOVE HER!

  3. all these are cute! I loved that outfit from the daybook, sydney is my fav :)

  4. Haha!! Laugh-out-loud funny as always. I think we all have a favorite Grandma T story or two of our own :-)

    And your outfits are spot-on! Super cute. Great idea.

  5. This post made me laugh (which I needed)!! Love the outfits! You've inspired me to try to do the same!

  6. So great!! All your outfits are spot-on, and your grandma stories are so funny! That Tomorrow game sounds awesome - like " the bathroom" with fortune cookies. ;-)