Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving {Redefining "Okay"}

Happy Thanksgiving!!! This year, I have to add you, Dear Reader, to my list of things to be thankful for. Along with the close and special friendships with the other Defrump Me gals, your encouragement is a highlight of my week and a motivating spark to help prevent frumpy living. So, Thank you!!!

Now, I'm hoping very few of you are reading this post on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. No, my hope is that you are surrounded by people you love and those who love you. I am praying that you are enjoying the blessings of God, be they physical or spiritual.

For my part, I am not composing this post on Thanksgiving — YAY! Instead, at the time of posting, I should be either putting the finishing touches on my yummy deviled eggs (my contribution to hubster's family Thanksgiving) or visiting with my sweet sisters-in-law, funny brothers-in-law, wonderful aunt, uncle and cousins from OKC, loving mother and father-in-law, all the little ones, or darling Granny.

I know and (occasionally) fully acknowledge how incredibly blessed I am. For so many people, the past few years have been a bit rocky financially, and we have not escaped unscathed ourselves. But God is continuing to teach me that He has and always will provide for all our needs. It has been uncanny the way he has miraculously pulled us up right out of the jaws of great hardship (for us), and I give Him glory and honor for that!

But my family is truly blessed with salvation, health, shelter, income, food, loving extended family, beloved church family, and very dear friends — and that is merely the start of that extensive list of blessings!

He has clearly revealed to me that every little thing is gonna be okay, as long as my definition of "okay" matches His definition. — Think on that one, will ya? 

There are varying degrees of being okay. Think about Job — lost his home, kids, servants, personal possessions, health, and the esteem of his wife and friends, and STILL he rested in God's hand and considered himself "okay." And Paul experienced all manner of hardship and still he proclaimed that he was content in whatever circumstance he found himself (Phil. 4:11).

And so, wherever you find yourself today — wealthy or just scraping by, alone or surrounded by friends and family, healthy or bed-ridden — keep in mind that God knows the plans He has for you, and as you seek Him, He will lead, protect, and greatly bless your life. Jesus's gift of salvation allows us to know for certain that no matter our physical existence, when we trust Him, our eternity will be way more than okay. I can't wait! Can you?

May God richly bless you on this Thanksgiving Day! May He provide nourishment for your body and your soul!

PS Popping back on to say that I am exceedingly thankful for a helpful husband when I have a head cold, and for hard-boiled eggs that give no trouble when peeling. :-)

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