Monday, November 21, 2011

{Menu Monday} Turkey!!

Three of my biggest blessings!
Happy Turkey Week, y'all!

Just kidding. We all know that this time of year is really about spending extra time and focus considering the amazing things God has done for us. Yesterday, my assistant pastor preached a message about thankfulness (appropriate, no? :-). Of course, I only heard about 2 minutes of it because I'm always in the back with children ha!, but he said something that really stood out to me.

He said that as he gets older, he notices himself getting grumpier. (You mean it gets worse than this??? Ahh!!!) However, he has found that the best remedy for a bad attitude is thankfulness. This rings SO true with me! It is basically impossible to not get a happy, joyful spirit when you are focusing on the good things in your life. And we have SO many!

I have noticed this is true in my marriage. It is basically impossible to stay angry with your spouse (for usually an inconsequential infraction anyway) when you make yourself think about everything about him you are thankful for. This is something that I try to practice on a daily basis while Zack is at work. My smile is much bigger when he gets home when I have been doing this!

I need to put this into practice with my kids though. I will be honest here. A lot of days I get grumpy at some point. Especially if I have a lot I need to accomplish, or one (or more!) of the kids is being grumpy themselves. I have realized that a lot of this is because I am with them so. much. I don't really get a break from them (though my husband is GREAT about letting me have girls' nights out! Definitely thankful for that!). I am praying this Thanksgiving that God will cause me to pause when I have a bad attitude towards my children and consider the blessings that they really are.

Wow! That was quite the rabbit trail on a menu post! ;-)

So even though turkeys aren't what this holiday is about, we still all eat them this week, right?? Because of that, I wanted to share with y'all my favorite turkey recipe. I am actually not cooking the turkey this year, but I have used this recipe from Alton Brown before and I LOVED it. In fact, I just saw that it's the #1 recipe on! Take the time to watch the videos on the page also. He explains how to prepare it, why stuffing is bad, how to roast it, and how to have done dark meat while still having moist white meat. (He uses a digital probe thermometer like this one.)

Let me make the case for brining (spell check says that's not a word...???) your turkey.

  • A lot moister!
  • Flavor seeps throughout the turkey
  • Um. That's all. But that's enough, right?? :-)
I will be making a turkey this weekend when they go on sale! So look for lots of turkey leftover recipes next week.

Oh! Here is my favorite cornbread dressing. (Add extra sage!!)

Now, for this week's menu. (Last week's post is updated with my thoughts as well.)

Monday - Chicken Pot Pie (favorite! love it!)
Tuesday - Smoky Grilled Pork Chops, Twice Baked Cauliflower, Sweet Potato Fries (Made this into BBQ pork sandwiches. Delicious!)
Wednesday - Chicken Taco Soup, Cornbread (Zack's favorite soup)
Thursday - Thanksgiving!
Friday - Leftovers
Saturday - more .... leftovers =\

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. Thank you for posting, Lauren!! You are more than awesome, and I really mean that, even when I'm the one that makes you grumpy. ;-) <3 I am so thankful for YOU!!

  2. Chicken pot pie - one of my favorites!

  3. Haha Susan!! You know I could never STAY grumpy at you, even if my hormones are overreacting. :-) I'm so grateful for your friendship! :D

    Jenna — I love it too!! Especially in this dreary weather we've been having this week in NWA.

  4. Love your thoughts on thankfulness! I've been trying to slow down and think about being thankful as well. Your menus look especially yummy this week!