Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pinning Responsibly (and, How to Find a Lost Pin)

I am a.d.d.i.c.t.e.d.

I LOVE Pinterest. Like, you-have-changed-my-life-forever-I'm-yours-completely love. But after reading a blogger friend's post about some things that bug her, I decided to list out what I try to keep in mind when creating a new pin. (Please know that this is mostly tongue-in-cheek -- if you have done any of these things, please don't be angry with me :D  And we all get in a hurry sometimes, or just repin what someone else has already done.) With that in mind, here are a couple of things that will help make Pinterest a better place for all of us. ;-)

1. Make sure you're going somewhere.

Remember -- a pin is really just a pretty, glorified link. Be sure your pin goes to an individual blog post, recipe, tutorial, etc. that actually helps the viewer accomplish what they see. Examples of a bad pin: one that links to a lone image (unless it's a printable or something), another pin, a blog homepage, a Martha Stewart slideshow, etc. So if you are the originator of the link, be sure you are on the page you want to return to. In 3 months when you come back to that blog, the top post is going to be something different. You can usually click the title of the post to get to the permalink.

caption? what caption?
love the pinner, hate the pin :D

2. Leave valid captions.

Keep in mind that Pinterest is searchable. Add (or change) your captions so that other people can easily find them. This will also help you when you get those (annoyingly frequent) emails from Pinterest.
Jane Doe commented on your pin, 'ADORABLE!!!!'
Which one was that? click-click... Oh. Right.
On this same note -- if someone is mentioned in the caption that you don't know, take a second to delete their name from your pin.

3. Please don't curse.

Or repin it. Do it for the children. And me.

Ok, with those few rules in mind, what do you do if you are the victim of a bad pin, and you just can't find that tutorial anywhere?? (like one that has broken rule #1)

Step 1: Right click on the image on Pinterest and select "Copy image URL."

Step 2: Go to Google Images and click the little camera in the right side of the search bar. Paste the URL that you copied and search.

You will now have a list of of other places on the internet where this picture resides, and you will likely see the original post up at the top. Easy!

Now go be a good Pinner and pin it again, with the right link!

Hope this is helpful! :-)


  1. Do it for the children. And me.

    This made me laugh out loud, literally.

  2. I love it...Lauren, you are such a cool, helpful techie!!

  3. I live to make you laugh, Marian :-)

    Thanks, Jeanne! MISS YOU!!!

    Yay, Audrey! Glad it was helpful :D