Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bangs....dun, dun, dun... {New 'Do for Christmas}

So, Wednesday Amber posted about cutting her own bangs. I commented and threatened to cut mine, too. This is tricky since I have naturally curly hair, and I haven't had actual bangs in close to two decades!! But I have been wearing it in a kind of side-swept fake bangs thing for a month anyway, so I knew I was ready for a new look. (And I discovered that it really isn't too hard to spend a few minutes straightening and shaping them.) I watched several videos on YouTube including this one and this one which were quite helpful.

My previous typical style. Notice the ginormous forehead...

This is my dirty hair in what has sort of become my typical down style (only dirtier).
(Also, I'm noticing that my phone's camera lens was really smudged, so, sorry about that!)

What I'm gonna cut. Yes, my face is behind there somewhere.

First chop!!

Almost done - feeling optimistic...

Done!! (And thanks to Amber for some cute earrings!)

Flipped to the other side is a different look, which is fun.

The hubster's reaction...Two Thumbs Up!! YAY!!

A fun new look and it seems to have turned out great, AND my husband likes it? That's what I call success! :-)

Are you trying a new look this season?


  1. Love love love!!!! I recently changed my bangs from a straight chop to side-swept, and I'm really loving it!

  2. You look sooo pretty! Love the new look....

  3. Major thumbs up!!!! LOVE the new look -- simple gorgeous!!! : )