Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Besties and a Messy French Twist

Last night, my friends and I enjoyed dinner together in honor of one of my very best friends Sara. She and her husband, Tyler, and two children are moving away this January.  While I'm soooo very proud of them for serving the Lord, I feel like reality is setting in, and my emotional wall is about to crumble.

A good part of my twenties was spent with them eating ice-cream, re-making Disney movies, wearing various thrift store wigs, going to "Steal-Your Dollar City", attending the opening night of multiple teeny-bop movies, eating pancakes, and playing church member charades.

Now our children are the same age, and love to fight play together as often as possible.

Sara has taught me more about how to be a wife, mom, youth group leader, Christian, and friend than she will ever know. I have seen her grow tremendously the past two years, and her life has definitely made an impact on mine.

When she is gone, I can not begin to imagine how I will cope without her to discuss our AMAZING book we are going to write.... I am not even able to give details because it is that spectacular!  ;-)

Without sounding ridiculously emotional and cheesy, because all my friends know I'm always a man when it comes to my feelings, I love her and will miss her very very much!

Now for the part of my post that is completely unrelated...

Today, I made a short tutorial on how to do a messy french twist.  The twisty pins I'm using claim to do the job of up to 20 bobby pins.  They were purchased for $2 and came in a package of three at Hobby Lobby.  If you print off the 40% off coupon, they're even cheaper!

I am just learning to do up-dos, and the twisty pins allow me to pull my hair up fast.  I only use two in this tutorial, and my hair held all night at church.  It felt secure, but I think three twisty pins might be better for most people.  


The key is to twist them along the "crack" of the french twist so it grabs as much hair as possible.  

Sara always looks lovely.  Her hair is perfect, and she has a new up-do every time I see her.  I've actually seen her tie her hair in a knot, and it held!  Sigh...

 However, I felt like a businesses woman all night with my sophisticated up-do and high heels.  Too bad my son, Asher, threw up on me before we left church.

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