Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goals for when life isn't perfect

Here it comes - 2012. Wow. I still remember the effort it took to not write 19__ any more. Now, we have to decide if we are going to say "two thousand twelve" or "twenty twelve." I don't know - I don't hold to one or the other too staunchly.

But, as we approach yet another new year and thank God for the journey so far, I'm reflecting on the past year and thinking about what's next. I know that this has been a year full of change — a new baby, a new blog, a new obsession (Pinterest, of course).... I've made progress in a lot of areas and fallen off the bandwagon in others. Right now, parenting my littlest is a great challenge, and it consumes so much of me that it is hard at times to look ahead. But I know everything is merely a stage, and I really do want to set some goals.

Don't you love that quote above? Totally fits my life right now...

Notice that I don't say "resolutions." In my mind, resolutions are really vague statements about improving life — Lose weight, Save money, Exercise more, Be a better person/parent/spouse, etc. I'm not thrilled about such ambiguous wishes. I'm a lot more practical and much more of a planner than that. So this year, I'm aiming for specific and attainable goals.

Pretty sure this acronym has been around for a while. Just gotta put it into practice for myself.

I need and want better habits for my life and my family. I recently read this article with steps on how to set up your goals for the year starting with your priorities and your focus areas and working through setting up "bite-sized" pieces of your goals and end-dates, and finally tracking your progress. As we wind down this week, I'm working on those first two steps.

I do know that one way that I want to break down the goals and track my progress is by setting up weekly and monthly goals in addition to the broader goals for the year. For example,

Monthly goals might look like this:
Get more sleep
Exercise 4 days a week
Make and stick to weekly menus

Weekly goals would look something like this:
This week, be in bed attempting sleep by 11:00 every night
This week, try one new exercise routine and do it 4 times
This week, plan all 7 dinners and have the ingredients ahead of time

I definitely plan on using Pinterest in this endeavor, and I've set up a new board called Goals 2012 where I'll be pinning ideas for the year. So, in the next few days, my goal is to go through my over 3,000 pins and likes and decide what of those things are going to play into my priorities and goals for the year.

For example, there are several exercise routines that look intriguing and doable with my mom schedule, and I've pinned a few articles and blogs regarding organization, cleaning and decluttering that I'd like to read through, and I know that there are books that I want to read this year (especially since hubby got me a Kindle for Christmas!), not to mention various sewing and craft projects that I'd like to put on the "must-do" list. Each month I want to pick at least one thing from each category or priority and even go so far as to break it down into weekly bites if necessary.

Whew!! Can you have goals for your goals?? Anyway, baby steps, right? I just want to look back at the end of each year and be able to say, "Yeah, I'm better than I was this time last year. I met some goals, grew as a person and in Christ, etc." In the coming weeks I'll try to share my developing priorities and goals for this month and year.

What about you? Do you make resolutions? Do you have goals for your year? Like me, do you need accountability (look out DFFs!!)? Share with us, will ya?

Oh, and by all means, have a wonderfully fabulous New Year!

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