Monday, January 23, 2012

Giveaway Reminder {And a Helpful Parenting Tip}

Just a reminder about our GIVEAWAY of a $20 credit to DaySpring!! Just head over to this post and follow the directions there. Remember to leave a comment for EACH of your actions. The more comments, the more entries. Oh, and please tell your friends! They'd love you for it!

And now, your parenting tip for the day — If your five-year-old daughter goes into one of the individual family bathrooms at Walmart (by herself, because she's a big girl) and the handle lock gets broken and she's stuck inside (by herself, remember) for 40 minutes while the manager and 10 other people try unsuccessfully to get her out before the locksmith finally makes it from across town and drills the broken handle to open the door... it is important to stay calm.

Resist the urge to bang on the door or get angry at the situation or freak out when you hear the locksmith say that the safety mechanism that is supposed to prevent these heavy metal doors from staying locked is broken.

Aaaand, when your half-potty-trained 2 1/2 year-old son needs to use the other individual bathroom right next door while you wait for the locksmith, allow one of the associates to keep their foot in the door to prevent it from closing and possibly locking you completely away from your daughter while you help your son with his britches.

Finally, when she emerges and everyone claps and you give her a big hug, don't prevent the nice assistant managers from giving her a big teddy bear for being such a brave big girl who didn't cry. And if the locksmith says it's okay, feel free to let your son take home the broken lock as a souvenir of the event. After all, he probably tried to help get her out with his "big shrong muscles".

Not that any of this happened to me today, of course....

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  1. What a brave boy... I like the story. thanks for sharing.