Friday, January 27, 2012

God is near...{a gentle reminder}

This mommy is TIRED and not feeling very inspired or motivated to do much right now! We've been having a rough couple of months battling sickness in my household, and so all of my energy is being put into making my little guys (and sometimes my big guy) feel better. In fact, I've been so emotionally and physically exhausted lately that I've been pretty down and discouraged. I'm sure you've been there, right?

The best way I can describe it is with a mental picture...I'm sinking in quick sand...with one hand I'm holding onto a rope for dear life trying to pull myself up and with the other hand I'm trying to balance all the stuff in my life that I'm supposed to be doing...all the while, some unseen force is whacking me on the head with a big board, pushing me downward more and more...

Yikes! Pretty vivid, huh? But sometimes life is that way, and when it is we HAVE to cling to God or there's no way we will survive! When the kids don't feel good and are constantly crying/fussing/demanding things, when finding time to eat or shower seems nearly impossible, when you've looked at your messy house for the 100th time that day and you just want to collapse in a corner and HAVE to cry out to God. One of my best friends reminded me of this last week when I was pouring out my heart to her late one night. She said even when you don't understand the trials you are facing (and she has definitely faced some) and even when God doesn't seem near, you HAVE to believe that He is. You have to have faith and believe that it will get better.

And that is the simple message I want to pass on to you. Her gentle reminder had me pouring my heart out to my heavenly Father in the next few moments. Some days, that is all I can manage. And I know I can be honest with Him and really tell Him how I feel...because He can handle it. And I can't. That's what gets me through the tough days. I always feel relief after I've given it all to God. I feel more connected to Him and I know He's there with me, hearing me and helping me.

Wow. This is not at all where I thought my post was gonna go. I was going to share some ideas from another one of my awesome friends on simple, fun ways to make your children feel special! But I guess I needed to share some things from my heart first. I promise I'll do the original post idea tomorrow! :-)

So, my friend, in summary I'll just remind you that God truly is near, even when we don't feel like He is. It's a simple message. And one that is repeated over and over in the Bible. But still we forget. I forget. And I love how God, my Father, always gently reminds me of that and guides me back to the right perspective.

Now, go pray and give it all to Him.

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