Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just Another Menu Plan

I am a born planner. Hubster recently dubbed me The Planning Mamba — not joking. I plan sometimes to a fault (more on that Thursday). But one area that I've needed a new plan is my menus. That's why when I saw this post on Pinterest, I had my motivation. I saw and pinned it weeks ago, but I knew I couldn't get to actually planning until after Christmas. 

Now, I've done this before - a rotating menu, I mean. I've even had theme days, but I'm pretty sure this is my best one yet. It has more of our favorites and some new recipes I just learned this year. Now that my dairy-free period is over, I get to add back in all the cheesy, wonderful foods that we all love! Yay!!

What's funny is that Lauren and I were planning our menus at the same time, but not together, and we still came up with some of the same categories and many of the same dishes! One difference is that her family does "Meatless Mondays" when, in our house, the Hubster says 1) it's hardly a meal without meat, and 2) Monday is already a depressing enough day, why would you serve a depressing (i.e. no meat) meal at the end of it?? I guess his points are valid. :-) Anyway, I've worked a meatless meal into most weeks, even though I don't have a theme day for it and they definitely don't happen on Mondays.

One reason that I think this is going to work for me is the themes — I am a theme and alliteration lover. It helps me remember what's coming and it helps me categorize so that we aren't having Mexican or Chinese three times a week (it's been known to happen - those are so quick to throw together!). 

Another thing that is great about this is that I have scheduled something for every. single. day. Now, most weeks we probably won't eat all seven dinners - we do like to go out sometimes, and we often eat with family, and a lot of times we feast on the leftovers we don't eat for lunch. BUT, the idea is there, and I can choose to go with it or skip and save it. And I'm planning to also give myself the liberty to try new recipes in place of these anytime I want - because I love trying new stuff, too.

So, now that I've got this planned out, all that's left is to put it up in my kitchen. And make it cutesy. Oh, and pull together my recipes. Aaand plan the grocery lists....(If I were truly together, I'd already have it all in SayMmm like Lauren does. I'm working on it, m'kay?) Yeah, I could let my perfectionism get in the way, but instead, I'm just going to go with the paper copy and a simple paper clip. I'll get to the rest when I get to it.

In the meantime, do you have a plan for your meals and menus? Do you like the idea of a rotating menu or do you like to have the opportunity for more variety? If you have a menu plan, share it with us! I always love to see what others are eating!

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  1. Thanks for doing this! I used a lot of your menu ideas!

  2. Haha!! Just noticed that I spelled "Broccoli" wrong EVERY time it was in my menu!! Got it fixed now, but I feel like a dummy! ;-P Whoops!

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  4. I post a meal plan every Monday. I plan weekly. I've toyed with the idea of doing a rotating menu, but although it offers simplicity and some weeks I really struggle with putting a menu together (Hey! It's much harder than it seems when there's so much to consider!) it would never work for me because I LOVE to try new recipes! I have definitely thought of doing themed days though, just haven't really done it yet. I love the themes you have on your menu, very cute and easy to remember! I might have to try it!

  5. Lauren, THANK YOU for the feedback! I love your spin on it, and I might be implementing a few of your categories when we tire of these! You asked for my fish & chips recipe...I wish I had a fancy recipe but I'm a simple girl...Just Gorton's boxed battered fish, and store bought french fries. I'm not much of a chef LOL!

  6. I would like to do a rotating menu plan but currently I have a baby in my belly ;) who dictates and changes things up on me quite frequently...but I still make a plan. Here's mine :)

  7. I just started meal planning this year and so far I am LOVING it! My goal this year is to try as many new recipes as we can and to use more whole foods. I have found that meal planning really helps keep my grocery bill down too!