Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Me Party: Dressing Cute at Home

I had a moment of reflection this week about my part in defrumpme.  When I started this blog with my friends, I  took on the responsibility of researching style and learning how to not look frumpy as a stay at home mom on a shoestring budget.  At first, I thought it wouldn't be too hard.  I mean, just find cute clothes that are cheap right?  It turns out I didn't actually know what cute clothes looked like, and I had no idea where to start  in "defrumping" my style.

I still don't know what I'm doing, but I can honestly say I have made a small amount of improvement.  I mean, at least I stopped buying swimming suits with Looney Tunes characters on them, just kidding...but sort of not... And I actually have only donned my pajama pants/sweatpants for bedtime.

Another area of improvement I've noticed is that I pick out an outfit before bed each night.  Doing this, makes my mornings so much easier, and it makes getting ready so much faster.  It also helps me not to fall into the "wear my pajamas all day" trap.

However, it was not easy giving up my comfy sweats for actual clothes everyday, especially when no one was probably going to see me anyway.  I began to wonder if it even mattered.  But then something happened.  I would catch a glimpse of myself as I passed a mirror, and I didn't immediately think I'd make an excellent candidate for People of Walmart.

Not only did my self-esteem go up, but I began to get more things accomplished around the house.  I was nicer to my kids.  Seriously!  And if my husband needed me to run somewhere, or a friend scheduled an impromptu play-date, I was up for it.

I soon learned some of my outfits were a bit much for when I was at home most of the day.  I knew I needed more comfortable things for around the house, but I still wanted to feel cute and put together.  I slowly began to work new, comfy, and cute things into my wardrobe that didn't break the bank.

So in-case you're all on the edge of your seats wondering what amazing fashion advice I have for you (don't laugh), I've decided to share a few go-to items I wear on a weekly basis when there's no one to impress but a few babies and myself.  And they are:

1.) The Flannel Shirt:  I recently posted about flannel shirts because I love love love them.  They are comfy, cute, and warm. I have three in my closet, and would be perfectly ok with wearing them everyday.

$15 Old Navy (However, they are actually much cheaper now)

2.) Comfy/Cute Tank-top and Cardigan Combo: This is perfect for days at home.  It's comfy, and if you are warm, just take off the cardigan.  It's also cute if you need to leave to run an errand.

$8 Old Navy

3.) The Dolman: These shirts are everywhere. They're cheap, easy to find, comfy, light, and cute.  Next to the flannel shirt, these are my favorite things to wear around the house and hanging out with my friends.

$8 Old Navy....Can you tell I'm a fan?

4.) The Light Soft Sweater: Believe me, I have owned plenty of heavy scratchy sweaters.  So wearing a simple soft sweater is pure comfort.  I know it's not fashion forward, but it's a clean look for around the house, and if paired with a denim button-up, it looks pretty cute.

$14 Sam's

I hope this post inspires you to be ready for your day by preparing your clothes at night, and if you're a stay at home mom, or just home on the weekend, I want to encourage you to opt for a comfy/cute outfit instead of the pajamas. It's okay to look beautiful, even if you're the only one who sees you.  

Thanks y'all!


  1. Man! I needed this! Especially since I believe the words I uttered to my husband yesterday morning were something along the lines of, "I got dressed and fixed my hair for the past 4 days in a row. I'm declaring today a pajama pants day!" =O I know! *Hangs head in shame* Thank you for the tips regarding what's comfy AND cute. And I love your title - a Me Party. :-)

  2. I realize that your post is mostly aimed at the younger crowd, but it put an idea in this ol' ladies head! I tend to get up, shower and get dressed...except for the outer wear. After the undies I just throw my "flannel lounger" on over everything. It's called a 'lounger' but in truth it's a snap up robe. I always felt like I was completely dressed, in essence....just throw off the robe and throw on a skirt and top! But...we know better, don't we?! Thanks for the wake up!

    1. Hahaha! Yes we do. And don't get me wrong, I'm all for lounging in robes at home. I try to make those special days or a reward of sorts for getting all my work done. We've gotta relax sometime.

  3. Love this post! Just curious what kinds of comfy pants you're wearing with these tops? Since having kids any pants with a zipper and button are so uncomfortable to me! I squeeze my belly into jeans if I'm going out somewhere (which is not often), but I immediately change to my sweats when I get home. Is there such a thing as as cute elastic waist pants??? LOL

  4. Great question! I wear jeans a lot, but when I'm home, it's usually the kind that are softer and stretchy. I have a pair from Forever 21 I got for $10.50. I have also seen jeans with elastic waists at Old Navy. My friend wears maternity jeans (not the big paneled ones) even when she's not pregnant bc they're so comfortable. I'm also a fan of yoga pants as long as they don't look sloppy. :-)