Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Tip 1: Nude Nail Polish

Happy new year everyone!  To start off the year, I am going to do a short series of posts on beauty tips I have found or my friends have shown me.

Today's tip is go nude...on your nails that is.  (Sorry, I had to. )

I must say God did not bless me with beautiful nails or attractive hands for that matter.  Therefore, I do little to draw attention to them.  I clip my nails short, and if I'm feeling really wild, I slap a coat of clear polish on them.  However, nude nail polish can make even my ugly boyish hands feel just a bit girly.

Here's a few examples of how nude polish is simple, clean, and elegant.

Source: via Bronwen on Pinterest

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

You can even spice it up a bit with some glitter polish on top!

And finally, here's my very own nude polish I bought for $2.80 at Forever 21.  It's almond scented too!  Pay no attention to the bad paint job and my massive cuticles.  Maybe my next tip will be on home manicures.... I'll just have to learn how to do them first.

Fun Fact: When I was in 7th grade, this was my thumb that had the tip bitten off by a ferocious Cocker Spaniel. Don't let their size fool you.

What do y'all think?  Do you like to keep your nails simple or go bolder?


  1. I love nude polish!! I have about 4 different shades! May go paint them now... :-)

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