Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year's Tip 4: Boxy Bags

I use to never understand people who were purse obsessed.  In my mind, a purse was a purse.  Sure, some were bigger, and some were brown and some red.  However, I could have cared less, opting to take a Walmart sack full of my stuff most of the time.  ( I am not kidding.)

Then I grew up and became a real woman.  ;-)

One of my favorite (affordable) places to shop for purses, besides the thrift store, is Target.  They always have a wide selection of bags that are on trend.

Tonight at church, I spotted an adorable boxy looking purse that belonged to my friend Alaina. And I'm not ashamed at all to purchase the same bag from Target (where she bought hers) and proudly wear it in front of her.  Copying is just a sign of flattery right?

So my tip to you all is if you're looking for a new purse this season, try a boxy styled handbag.  They sure do beat Walmart sacks.

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