Friday, January 13, 2012

Romantic Dinner Date at Home

Last weekend was my anniversary, so I did a quick post on some great dating resources (see post HERE). This year we needed to have our anniversary date at home to stay on budget for the month, but I still wanted to create a special, romantic date. So....I decided to try to build a tent that we could eat under! My inspiration was from Pinterest (see my Pinterest Romance board HERE). Can't you just picture yourself eating outside at night under a white canopy tent under the stars with the love of your life? I sure can! And that's exactly what I was able to recreate (well, almost). :-)

Here's how my romantic tent turned out!

Eating "under the stars" (near the windows) in our beautiful, canopy tent!

The tent was actually easy to make! I used some sheer, white curtain panels I had stored away, some rope, and some clothespins to create it. I used a card table covered with a white sheet as our table for two (and no, I didn't iron anything...with the lights off and just the candles, you didn't notice all the wrinkles). :-)

Our lovely table setting: a quick runner made from paper doilies, lots of candles, and vases with roses!

I love roses!

For dinner we had lasagna, caesar salad, breadsticks, sparkling cider, and cheesecake for dessert!

I included a teacup for hot tea after dinner. Mmmm...

Rose petals and glass stones scattered around the centerpiece added to the romantic  setting.

I used a table near the window to add extra candles and flowers.

Created my own hurricane vase with a candlestick, candle, and a glass  sleeve on top!

The whole picture

A look at the tent from the outside! Pretty crazy, huh?

I have to admit that building the tent was pretty fun, and my boys thought it was awesome! So, even though from the outside it looks a little crazy, underneath it was absolutely magical! Very romantic and pretty. My husband was extremely impressed too. :-)

I totally recommend trying this idea out! It'd be a great way to make a Valentine's Day dinner date extra special! Oh, and since we had our two little guys at home with us, we just set them up with their own little table in our bedroom and let them watch a movie while they ate their supper (we set a tablecloth on the ground beneath them first). They REALLY enjoyed that! Kept them quiet and busy. :-)

So, I hope you are inspired to do something a little different on your next date at home. Don't be afraid to be a little cheesy! Makes it more fun that way. And memorable.

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  1. what a nice idea...and everyone LOVES a tent!

  2. Loving that tent, it's so romantic! A beautiful table for two and the teacups are so pretty. Happy Valentine's.

  3. Did someone mention cheesecake? Mmmm... We don't deserve out wives.

  4. So pretty! This is such an awesome and unique idea!

  5. I cannot believe you did this - it's totally romantic and that you took the time to stage a lovely anniversary dinner, makes your husband one lucky guy! The boys must think anniversaries are really fun events too. Wonderful job!

  6. Awww...thanks, everyone, for your sweet comments! You all brightened my day!

  7. hmmm, wondering if I can add a tent to my planned date nights at home, hmmmmm.

  8. Oh you can, Aisling Beatha, you can! :-)

  9. Such a great idea! That looks like it was a lot of fun :) Thanks for sharing at Mom On Timeout!