Thursday, January 12, 2012

Simple Tips for New Year's Goals {Drink Your Water!}

One of my big goals for this year is to improve my health. Thankfully, that doesn't really include the common "lose weight" goal, although I'm sure that will follow as I make some life changes. What it does include is adding in some simple things to be healthier — drink more water, exercise regularly, take my vitamins every day, eat more green vegetables, etc.

Instead of jumping into the cold water with both feet, I am tiptoeing my way to better health by adding one goal per week to develop into a habit.

During the first week of January, I added the simple goal of drinking at least 64 ounces of water every day. Why 64? Well, it happens to be 8 x 8 ounces. Also, and more importantly for me and this particular tip, that's the size of my pitcher. :-)

See, I don't mind drinking water so much, I don't drink tons of soda or other beverages (aside from my morning coffees and OJ). But I just don't think about it. And even when I am thinking about it, I lose track of how much I've had and it is never enough. So, I came up with this simple solution.

Every morning (sometimes the night before if I'm really on the ball), I fill this pitcher with filtered water from my freezer door dispenser. I fill it to the 64 ounce line and stick it in the fridge. That way, all I have to do is pour water into my cup of ice or insulated bottle if I'm going somewhere. It's a lot quicker than filling each cup or bottle, and that makes a difference when there's a child or two clamoring for my attention. And as long as I empty it by the end of the day, I know that I've had at least 64 ounces of water, and I am taking a simple step toward improving my health!

So, what's so important about water anyway? Here's what the Mayo Clinic has to say about the functions of water in the body. Not to mention that it is free, readily available (to us in the U.S. - count your blessings), and has zero calories!

(As I'm looking at the site, I'm also realizing that 64 ounces is going to have to be just my starting point. As a nursing mom, I should be drinking a whopping 112 ounces!! But, it's all about baby steps, and 64 is way more than I was drinking before.)

And I can already hear some of you groaning - "I don't like water!" That's one of the beautiful things about this tip. Fill your pitcher and you've got cold water all day (most people agree that cold water is easier to drink anyway), ready to be flavored with fresh lemon, lime, or other tasty flavor enhancers - there are a lot of them available at the grocery store. AND it really goes by quicker than you'd think. Just take my advice and try to drink as much as you can in the morning and early afternoon. It's pretty tough to drink the last half of the pitcher in the hour or two before bed!! ;-)

This week's health goal has been to take my vitamins everyday. This is very important for me right now. After having 3 babies in less than 5 years and nursing babies for a combined total of over 4 years and counting, my body is showing signs of depletion. I haven't always taken great care of myself. Seems like an easy thing to do - swallow 2 pills with OJ every morning with breakfast, right? Hmmm...

So far I'm about 4/5 this week. Not terrible, but I think I may need to add a little motivation. Perhaps I can count a piece of dark chocolate as an "emotional supplement" and let a daily square be my motivation and reminder to take my vitamins.... I'll let you know how that works out. :-) Any other suggestions???

What about you? Got a simple tip for keeping some of your New Year's goals?

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  1. that's a great idea to fill up your pitcher and use that to fill up your glass/bottle. i always have trouble keeping track of how much i've drunk. i too am taking baby steps to better health this year.