Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sur-prize, Sur-prize, Sur-prize!!

Gomer Pyle may have said it best - the way he says it is how I always hear the word "surprise."

Surprise parties are so great! I've never had one myself, but I've thrown a few and been in on several more. This week, a wonderful mother asked us to throw her daughter a surprise birthday tea party. And we were more than happy to oblige!!

Yep, that's me. And Krystal, the guest of honor, with her littlest. :-)
Our friend Krystal is a great ball of energy! Amazing wife, mother of 4 littles, teacher, women's retreat organizer, children's church director... It just makes me tired thinking about it all! If anyone deserved a special birthday evening, Krystal certainly did! With a budget provided by Krystal's mom, we set out to plan some fun.

Audrey's mom, Mary has a collection of "Blue Willow" china that she graciously lets us use when we want something pretty and feminine. Really sets the mood, huh? :-)

The set up was that Krystal's husband sent her to Mary's house during our sewing class time; you know, to get away from the kids and pick up a gift Audrey said she had for her. And we pulled it off!! She was TOTALLY surprised!!

We each pitched in something from our area of "expertise," using a combination of the provided funds and some of our own time, money, and talents.

Audrey is planning to sew this adorable and super chic apron kit (do you see those beads and rhinestones?!). I framed this fun and inspirational printable that I found here, and made some scented sugar scrubs - lavender, orange, and peppermint.

Lauren did some shopping and came up with some additional pampering products: her favorite nail polishes and makeup removing cloths, eye shadow, Burt's Bees body butter and lip gloss, and a bottle of bath and shower gel that literally smelled like you just bit into a raspberry!

And of course we sent Amber for the fashion shopping - that gorgeously flattering blue blouse she picked up at NY&C (where else?) and some pretty and basic jewelry pieces and eyeliners from Forever 21. Oh, and don't forget that gift card!

A pretty terrific haul, if you ask me! Some pampering stuff, some defrumping stuff, and some stuff to inspire the senses - we tried to cover all the bases! :-) And boy, we had a blast! We snacked on popcorn, chips and queso, and a delicious chocolate cake (baked and frosted by Audrey's sister and our dear friend Catherine), sipped our soothing teas from beautiful china cups, and finished everything off with root bear floats!

A beautiful success and a highlight in my week, for sure!

Oh, and if any local moms, daughters or husbands are reading this and want us to help throw a party for a deserving lady in your life, we'd be happy to. ;-)

Show some love to a wonderful lady in your life this week, okay?

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