Thursday, January 19, 2012

"When You Care Enough..." {GIVEAWAY!!}

There is a lady at my church who blesses my socks off. Once upon a time, she was my teacher (unpaid!) in elementary school. But over the years she has shown me love as more than a teacher and a mentor, and she has become my friend. Even though I was in school with her children, she treats me as an equal partner in the cause of Christ. She gives me encouragement, praise, hugs, smiles, little gifts, compassion, prayer, challenges, and, perhaps most precious of all, she shares her struggles and need for prayer.

She now goes through her days working with cancer patients and the doctors and nurses and administrators who minister to them. She prays for and holds devotions with her co-workers. And in her spare time, she volunteers as a hospice care-giver. Oh my! Such strength (which of course she attributes to the Lord)! To me, she is the hands and feet of Christ.

Thank you.

There's another beautiful lady in my life whom I've known for a little over 10 years. In the time I've known her, her sons have had four graduations and three weddings, she's gained four grandchildren, she and her husband have added to their almost empty nest by adopting from China — not once, not twice, but THREE separate times.

When most people are settling in for those last few years before retirement and grandparenthood, they took on the missionary mind-set to rescue these children and love them to Jesus. Her sacrifice has been tremendous; but for those of us married to her three grown sons, we know that God is blessing so many through her. It is an amazing heritage that I am proud to carry on as her daughter-in-law.

Happy Birthday.

I have a newer friend that is a growing blessing. As a single mother, she is raising one of my daughter's best friends. We grew up together, yet separately. But lately, she's let down her guard (as I have mine) and allowed our friendship to begin to blossom.

She gets to see my struggles as a wife, mother and homemaker, and I get to be humbled by her efforts as a young single mom managing her own home and praying for Mr. Right. We share prayer requests and encouragement; we have different strengths and weaknesses, and we are striving to keep each other afloat.

Praying for you.

I don't bring these ladies to your attention to embarrass them or put them up on a pedestal. I just happen to know that you probably have people in your life with whom you can relate these examples. 

Remember ages ago when I talked about friendship? I talked about how important friends can be, especially during tough times. I discussed ways that you can find new friends and nurture the friendships that you do have. And I asked for your suggestions and tips on nurturing friendships.

Here's a simple and special idea: Greeting Cards

Giving cards suits me. I like to put thoughts on paper; I'm just not as good at expressing my feelings verbally. I like to randomly give a card to my husband, and I look forward to opportunities to give cards to family and friends. (Audrey may never tell you this, but card-giving is one of her specialties. She is so inspiring!) I'm working on defrumping my relationships this year and especially trying to make others feel as special as I already think that they are. 

Whether you purchase elaborate and expensive special edition cards that play music and dance on the table, buy the simple one-liner from the dollar store, or create your own from materials you have on hand, what makes a card really special is the personal message. A message from your heart that says, "You are special to me. You are loved. I am thinking about you." It may be hard to imagine, but a message like that can influence a person's whole day, week,! And really, who doesn't like getting a unique card and note from a friend?

Recently, DaySpring offered the opportunity to review one of their assorted card packs through the blog (in)courage. I gotta say, the artwork and thoughtfulness that went into designing the collection I received is very beautiful. It seems a bit easier sometimes to write a heartfelt message when you've got the foundation of a pretty card. :-) One thing that I really like about DaySpring's cards is the inclusion of Scripture and blessings for the soul of the receiver.

Did you know that card giving can actually be a full-on ministry? I love what DaySpring has to say about the ministry of card giving here.

And if you sometimes struggle to remember special event like I do, or you like to be super prepared, DaySpring has this fun card organizer!


 Do you want $20 to spend in the DaySpring online store? (I do!! And P.S. It's a whole lot more than just cards!) Well, I have got a special code just for one of our fabulous readers!! All you gotta do is leave a comment on this post — easy peasy! You can tell us what card giving (or receiving) means to you or who you'd give a card to.

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Next Thursday, January 26th, we'll randomly pick one comment and its poster to be the winner of the $20 coupon!
NOTE: This Giveaway has been extended through January 30. The winner will be announced Tuesday, January 31.

Good luck!!!

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  1. How fun!! I LOVE giving cards. I especially love leaving them for my husband in his vehicle so he's surprised the next morning when he leaves for work!

  2. I love giving and receiving cards too (thanks for the sweet thing you said btw)! :) I was just thinking today before I even read your post how much of a ministry it can be to send a card--especially if it's completely out of the blue. It's something I need to start doing again, so thank you for the wonderful reminder AND for this fabulous giveaway!

  3. I love getting a card - to me it shows someone cares! kevinkaylaarrowood123 at yahoo dot com

  4. Im a new "like" on fb!! kevinkaylaarrowood123 at yahoo dot com

  5. I love so much of there items - However I would actually buy this

  6. Such a simple gesture, but it can really change someones mood (or your own, if your the giver). :)

  7. I love getting cards in the mail because I know it means someone took a minute out of their day to think of me!!!

  8. And, I love soooo many items from Dayspring, but my favorite right now is the Bless This Home it!!

  9. Awesome! Just recently made a purchase from them--- great stuff.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  10. I LOVE the bird journal!

  11. I can totally relate to you about not being able to express feelings very good verbally. And how much easier it is for me to "hide" at home and send a note to someone. It ensbles me to actually "think before I speak." I love sending cards.

  12. Thanks for the GiveAway opportunity! Just found your blog and am enjoying your posts. I enjoy the giving and getting of cards - one of my challenges for myself this year is to send one a week! Would be great to win your giveaway and have these beauties to use! :)

  13. Entry 2 - I've "liked" you on FB! :)

  14. Entry 3 - went browsing at DaySpring - such lovely things! I really like the artwork on the Show Off collection!

  15. Wow! There are do many wonderful things available at DaySpring. I do love the simplicity of the "Ministry Appreciation - Words of Appreciation" boxed card set. I'm trying to teach my children the importance of praying for and encouraging our Pastor. These cards would be a great springboard for the kids to write a word of appreciation to Him.

  16. Checked out the store(as presently we do not blog/twitter/facebook/any other*frown*) and so many a wonderful things...I think if I were to be the winner, I would certainly have a hard time deciding what to spend it on as again there are so many wonderful things...but like any good women I would figure it out before long*grin*...So many things we could all benifit from.I must say though that regardless we thank you kindley for this opportunity.May the Lord richly bless you for your givings;)and to the winner...whomever you are...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  17. As one of the cordinaters of our local church Care Ministry I can tell you first had the many blessing of being both the reciever and the giver.A simple word of thanks/appreciation/thought/encouragment goes a LONG way...we have been running the program for a little over two years now and it really makes you stop to be aware of those in which surround you.God has placed everyone into our life with purpose and I am so very greatful for that.Continueing to give, because HE FIRST gave....

  18. Enter me please :) Dayspring has such lovely things!!

  19. I blogged about this giveaway.

  20. I love giving cards! Writing messages is such a great way to love on people:) my hubby gives me cards alot to express himself and since isn't a man of many serious words I keep and treasure them bc I know it's his special way of loving me:)
    -Bristen Musteen

  21. I have already "liked" u on I'm not sure if it counts or Not:)

  22. I'm also an email subscriber!!:)

  23. I just shared on fb!! I hope some of my other mommy friends see and enjoy the Blog like I do!!;)

  24. i just checked out the dayspring website and loved it! its the first time i have browsed it! my favorites were the children recordable that they are christian book and recordable! i also really loved the walk by faith set!!