Wednesday, February 22, 2012

3-Week Weight Loss Challenge!

Hey! Just wanted to post a quick note about a new challenge I'm embarking on...a 3-week weight loss challenge! I've been having so much trouble losing weight since I stopped before Christmas. From September to December I had an amazing 20 pound loss! But since then, nada. I have maintained, so that's good; but my original goal was to lose 40 pounds by my birthday (end of April), and I am not gonna reach that goal if I don't do something drastic.

So, I issued myself a challenge: try to lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks. Sometimes it's easier for me to push myself hard for a few weeks and then take a break and work on maintaining that loss. I chose 3 weeks because I feel it's not too long, but it's still long enough to potentially lose 10 pounds.

I'm sharing this with y'all cause I need the accountability and support. But if there's anyone out there willing to do this challenge with me, I'd be so happy! Let me know in the comments section of the post, and we can encourage each other.

My plan:

  • 1400 calorie diet (keeping track with the My Fitness Pal app)
  • lower carb and low-sugar (I need to eat the good carbs like fruits and veggies)
  • lots of protein and fiber
  • exercise every day (as much as think least for me! :-)
  • drink my water
  • take a daily multivitamin (I do this all the time, but it's still on the list)
  • watch and read shows/books or magazines about weight loss success (this really motivates me)
Remember, this is my short but hard push to lose 10 pounds, so my goal is to just really focus on this challenge for the next 3 weeks and do everything I can to see success. That means my priorities will probably change for a few weeks. For example, I may not get as much cleaning of my house done because my priority will be to exercise first, etc. I'm hoping I can keep up with my normal routines, but I'm just being realistic and allowing myself some flexibility while I push for this weight loss. My overall goal is to get where exercising everyday IS part of my normal routine, but right now it just doesn't happen!

Today, in honor of starting the challenge, I am heading to the store to get a new scale (mine is broken), and anything else I think might help me stay on track with my calorie limit and water intake. 

Maybe if there's others who want to do this challenge with me, we can talk details on Facebook instead of through posts. But I'll definitely do a quick post at least once a week to let everyone know how I'm doing.

So, here goes WEEK ONE! I actually started yesterday, and did really good! Who will join me?

Go team DefrumpME! :-)

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  1. I created a google group for this challenge if anyone is interested in joining it.

    I'll also be posting a lot of little things on Facebook (as well as the google group). Blog posts will be reserved for longer posts on the topic. Hope you'll join me!