Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Flowy-Floral Top: A Tip for Being on Trend

If any of you are like me and have a hard time keeping up with the ever changing trends from season to season, you've probably settled for playing it safe with neutral pieces, or maybe you still sport that panda ring as you don your roller-blades.

Whatever the case, I have a quick and easy tip for you to be on trend this season.  Own at least one flowy-floral top.

I am obsessed with these.  They are so pretty and feminine, and they can be worn with just about any kind of jeans, tucked in with a skirt, or out with a belt.  Not to mention, the way the fabric falls is flattering to any figure.  

This top was gifted to me from one of bestest friends ever just because I mentioned to her that I loved them.  It's so light and comfy too.

If you aren't in the mood for floral-print, go for something similar but with a solid color like this pink top.

What do y'all think about this style of shirt?  Do you think it would be a good trend for you to try?


  1. i'm afraid of these kinds of tops because i'm very short waisted. i feel like they would make me look wider.

  2. I'm not an expert in the different body types, but the shirt is meant to fit loosely and be flowy, which is very forgiving. Maybe if you wanted to give it a try, start with a more neutral solid colored one and go from there.