Monday, February 13, 2012

{Menu Monday} Shakin' it up

You may have noticed (or more likely not ;-) that this past week, a few of the DFM girls have been straying outside of their "normal" zones in their posts. Amber did a great crafty project, Audrey did a fabulous set of posts that fit more under relationships, while Susan and I stayed in our normal categories. Moral of the story is -- we've been doing this blog for six (!!!!!) months now, and we all are feeling the need to expand our horizons! So while I'll still be posting my menu every Monday, it will probably just be the menu, because I'm going to start sharing some other thoughts and projects on Tuesdays. And while we will each still be posting every week, and while we will still be covering all of our defrumping categories, we're breaking out of the structure we started with. (Except for style. We've decided Amber can still have that. Haha!)

Since my rotating 5-week plan is going fabulously, that's freeing me up to think about some other stuff, and I'm excited to share what's been on my heart! But for now, here's what we're eating around these parts this week:

Monday - Beans, Cornbread
Tuesday - Nachos
Wednesday - Baked Omelet Squares, Grits
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Chili, Fritos
Saturday - Broiled Tilapia Parmesan, Caesar Salad, French Bread

I'm excited to see what else the other girls have up their sleeves! Have a fabulous week!

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