Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Model Maternity

Well, that time has come. I'm 18 weeks pregnant now, and I've reached that point where my clothes are just making me look fat, not pregnant. Aaand I just happened to have gotten rid of ALL of my maternity clothes!! Of course, they've been through three pregnancies, so it's not like they had much left to offer anyway. :-)

One thing I have noticed about maternity shopping is that they have a total monopoly on you. When you need maternity clothes, you need them now, for this season. It's not like you can really shop the end-of-season clearance rack. So that means you end up paying a lot more money for clothes that you'll only wear one season, and you need E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. You can't really fudge the huge protruding belly all that much. The only plus side to this is that you might as well go totally trendy! No need to invest in classic pieces that you may or may not ever wear again.

So I'm definitely going to be hitting up the second-hand stores, but I have done some online window shopping to see what current trends I can track down in maternity clothes. And no surprise, there are a lot! Many of the trends work great for the growing among us, and I wanted to share some of what I found.

One trend right now is loose, flowy, floral tops. Pretty, feminine, and definitely belly-friendly. This one is more like a tunic (or dress for people like Amber ;-), but you get the idea.

Source: oldnavy.gap.com 

A big color trend this year is bold, bright YELLOW. This shirt kills two trends with one stone.

Source: oldnavy.gap.com 

I think quite possibly the most preggo-friendly trend right now is the maxi skirt and dress. Jersey knit = soooo comfortable.

Source: oldnavy.gap.com 

Source: target.com 

These next two maxis also incorporate another huge trend right now -- colorblocking. I'm not always a fan of this trend, especially when it involves extreme contrasts, but I do like these dresses.

Source: target.com 

Source: apeainthepod.com 

And of course, you've got to have a comfy pair of skinny jeans.

Source: oldnavy.gap.com 

And lastly, your feet also need some care during this time! But that doesn't mean they can't do it in style. Fortunately, there are some comfy options out there!

Try these flats from TOMS:

Source: toms.com 

The woven thong is perfect for summer.

Source: nyandcompany.com 

Or if you're feeling really trendy (and thrifty), dig deep in your closet, or search those boxes in the garage for your old penny loafers.

Source: target.com 

I hope these have been helpful for you! This spring has some fun fashions, and there's no reason we mothers-to-be have to be left out. I'm going to be on the hunt to find some of these styles for cheap! What is your favorite spring trend?


  1. Cute, cute! My favorite spring trend is definitely the feminine look...flowers, flowy, lace, etc! Looking forward to getting some new outfits this spring!

  2. Hit up Rhea Lana's!! (You probably already knew this though!!) I found a nice assortment of clothes at the last one I went to.