Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spice Cabinet Project Part 2 {cabinet door message board}

Remember last week when I revealed my messy, disorganized (and I could even say dangerous) spice cabinet?

I made these fun custom spice jars to remove some of the cluttering containers from the cabinet to a drawer. (P.S. If you like my labels, you can find a link to them here.) 

This week I worked on some more decluttering. I threw out a few old boxes of hot tea packets, condensed a few others, and attempted to containerize some like items. I was even able to add in some other useful things - salt carton, hot pot, and coffee creamers. Here's my progress shot:

Still a work in progress, and I've got a couple more projects planned to take care of these containers.

Today I worked on a project for the inside of the cabinet door. For months, I've had little notes taped up or wedged into the wood work - mostly spice mix recipes. But I've wanted some kind of board there on the inside of the cabinet door where it's handy but out of sight.

I did a Pinterest search and found some potential ideas here.

Here's what I had to work with. I measured the inset area and it came up just slightly under 12"x20". (Nasty grease smear at the bottom corner. What can I say? I cook and use this cabinet all the time!)

I originally envisioned cork board there, but quality cork was too expensive and the cheap options were too thin and flimsy or brittle to work with here. So I decided to go with a magnetic option.

With my limited time, budget and home improvement skills (read: impatience), I tried to come up with the quickest and easiest option. Enter...

The Cookie Sheet! Lightweight piece of magnet-friendly metal in a convenient, no-cut size!

Additional cast members purchased from Walmart today:

Small magnetic cork board $.97 (my favorite, but there was only one)
Long and narrow borderless cork board $2.97
Self-adhesive mounting squares $3.77
New measuring spoons and cups (several of mine are missing, and I started with 2 sets!!) $.88
Oh, and the brand new cookie sheet was $2.88

Just to be safe, I checked it's magnetic strength and ability to hold a suction cup. :-)

So then I took the mounting squares...

...and attached them to the corners of the back of the sheet. 

There's kind of a ridge around the edge of the bottom, so I just put it right on the edge there.

Okay, now that I've loaded and edited all the pictures and gotten this far writing this post, I've learned something, and I think it would be prudent to include here. Non-stick pans, while great for baking, are not so compatible with adhesive squares. One would think this would be obvious, but it's not. So, an hour or two after "finishing" the project, as I'm showing it off to hubster, the "magnetic message board" fell right down, nearly into our creamy tortilla soup, causing me to jump off the ground and spill a ladle of said soup. Go me!

Moral of the story: Shortcuts are great for long journeys, bad for home improvement projects. Here's what I'm going to do to remedy the situation (I'll choose one or two from this list of options):
1. Coat this pan or a cheap replacement with spray paint or mod podge or both.
2. Get a cheap pan that is not non-stick
3. Scuff the edges so that the squares will have something to stick to
4. Bite the bullet and use actual glue

Now you know...the rest of the story. Moving on...

Once I got it mounted, here's what it looked like.

I knew that I wanted space below the sheet to hang my measuring cups and spoons. I experimented with a couple of hook options that I had on hand, but I'm not happy with those. Here's an idea of what I'm going for.

I thought it looked a little too plain and, well, cookie-sheet-ish. So I trimmed a sheet of scrapbook paper that matches my spice jars and stuck it up there. Easy-peasy. I'm so impatient. 

I couldn't help a little word joke. Do you "C" it? And yes, I fully recognize my dorkiness.

Also, isn't this little magnetic cork board that you see in the corner of the cookie sheet just so cute? For $.97, I wish I'd found a couple more because they are actually solid 1/2" cork with a full sheet of magnet on the back.

You may be wondering where that other narrow cork board went. Well, I didn't like any of the possible ways it could fit in this cabinet, but I found a perfect spot for it nearby. The mounting squares seem to be doing just fine with this piece.

This nearby cabinet holds my cookbooks and paper recipes, so it's a great spot for this. 

Okay, so that's all for this installment. I'm definitely not done tinkering in this area, but I will for sure share with you whatever I come up with. If you have some handy tips for me that you'd like to pass along, I am very open to them!

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  1. What a clever idea, I never would have thought of that. Have a great weekend. I am coming to you from Happy Hour Projects!


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