Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"After These Messages, We'll Be Riiiight Back!"

You remember that jingle from Saturday morning cartoons? Hubster has this mind like a steel trap for silly and useless things like old commercial jingles, so I know he remembers this from when we were kids. Boy, those were the days, huh?

Today, my daughter who is 5 1/2 (and just lost her two top teeth on Sunday!) was lamenting how slowly she was growing up (!!!). "Mommy, will I ever be 16?" (My response began, "I hope not!" but turned to "Probably too soon") Then she said, "I can't wait to be 20. So I can have kids of my own and make decisions for myself." Girl is outside her own age, I tell ya!

Anyway, this prompted a discussion about how hard it is to be a grown up - working, cleaning, cooking, hair in strange places, childbirth and monthly cycles.... Yes, it was a no-holds-barred discussion! She eventually decided that she would try to enjoy her childhood while it lasted. Score one for Mom! :-)

The gals here at Defrump Me are taking a little Spring Break this week. We'll call it a chance to enjoy our childish side. You may see a post here and there, but this is just a warning not to expect the regular schedule.

But don't worry!! We are already cooking up some fun stuff for you when we return to our regularly scheduled programming! So, we hope that those of you who are getting a spring break are enjoying it as well, and we look forward to sharing more stuff with you very soon!

Yay for spring!!!


  1. Thanks Susan! I've been thinking off and on about this all day but haven't had time to write anything! :-)

  2. Enjoy your break - and here's something fun for you lovely ladies to come back to - I am nominating your blog as a Liebster Blog and also naming you as a Versatile Blogger :)