Thursday, March 15, 2012

DFM's First Six Months {what you may have missed - Part 2}

Thursday I gave you a summary of some of my favorite posts written by me and Lauren. Today I'm profiling some of the best from Audrey and Amber. Please check these out, y'all - some really great and inspiring stuff here!

One of Audrey's specialties is her heart for her home. Over the past 6 months, she has given us many tutorials for projects that can bless our homes. To help us get started, she gave us this pretty comprehensive list of crafting supplies and sources - so helpful!

And here are just a few of her most popular projects:

Project B - a frugal remake of a wall-hanging.

Living Clay plaque - a meaningful poem that's pretty to display - would be a great Mother's Day present!

Photo Tile with video tutorial - one of the most popular posts on the whole blog! Another great gift idea!

Did you know Audrey is a romantic? Besides her love of tea parties and vintage aprons, she's given us several ideas for keeping the romance alive in marriage:

Romantic Dinner Date at Home - complete with an indoor tent for heightened mood-setting. :-)

And you can't miss Part One and Part Two of her Version of One Year of Dates - she's basically done all the work for you! Great gift idea for anniversary or birthday (since we just passed Valentine's Day).

A few more of my favorites from Audrey:

Confessions of the Heart - an in-depth look at Audrey, full of truth and encouragement.

Cleaning Games and Rewards - really good ideas to boost the fun in your housekeeping.

Healthy Eating Printables - to get you and your kids on track for a balanced diet.

And speaking of healthy eating, you may want to review some great posts on Weight Loss, including tips, recipes, and a challenge!

Last, but certainly not least, here are just a few of the awesome things Amber has shared with us in the last 6 months. Amber is our resident style expert and comedienne - girl has some of the funniest stories evvaahh!! We grill her weekly for the best fashion and physical defrumping tips - especially for moms of young kids like us. She started by helping us figure out our figures and what styles look best by body type.

Amber's got a great head of hair, but she's not gonna let it be boring, no sir! Check out these great hair tutorials she's done for us!

Sock Bun in 3 Minutes or Less - this is one of our most popular posts on the whole blog! Way to go Amber!!

Sideways Fishbone Braid - so cute! And a great spring look!

The Messy French Twist - using those fancy twisting pins. And a farewell to one of our dear friends - we miss you Sara!!

Braided Headband - isn't she just a cutie?

You know what else Amber is great at? Being frugal! Here are some great projects that are right on trend and right on the money, too!

$1 Necklace Tutorial - grab some friends, some fabric, some cheap necklaces, and a hot glue gun, and you've got a party and some stylish jewelry!

DIY Leather Wrap Bracelet - for like $5, she made several bracelets that look just like some $400+ listed ones from a magazine!

DIY Boot Socks - easy solution for one of fall/winter's best trends - considering real boot socks start at like $8 a pair, this was fabulous!

Home Decor - variations on ideas from our good pal Pinterest. Like this letter wall (which I saw in Amber's house loooonngg before Pinterest came along).

Wanna make something yummy? How about this easy Italian Cream Soda recipe? I love that Amber came up with this from a favorite from a local coffee shop. What a cheap and easy alternative!

And, possibly my two favorite posts from Amber....

Me Party - How to dress cute at home!! I love these easy tips for defrumping even when you're at home alone. It's all about the attitude, people!

Copycat Fashion - I love that she took ideas from the web and pulled together copycat outfits from her own closet. It's inspirational really. :-)

Did you see anything new in these two review posts? Maybe I just refreshed your memory on some of your favorites, too. Do you have a favorite that I've missed? What would you like to see from the gals at Defrump Me? We'd love to hear from you!!

Thanks again for being a fan!

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