Friday, March 30, 2012

{Did I Pin a Win?} Silhouette Name Art

Did I Pin a Win?
It feels like forever since I've blogged! Things have been so crazy right now, and I'm ready for a bit of normal again. 

Did you have a good spring break? I actually got to take a bit of a vacation (my husband stayed home with the kids!). My mom and I went to visit my brother, who is working on his PhD at Ohio State University. It was such a blessing to see him and hang out with him! Visiting his lab and seeing where he works each day was probably my favorite part of the whole trip. And it was nice to meet some of his coworkers and friends. :)

But now it's back to work. And back to blogging! We've been doing a series called "Did I Pin a Win?" where we actually TRY one of the many ideas we've pinned to see if it works or if we like what we've created when we're done. 

I had several pins I wanted to post about, but I finally chose this one because it was one of the first pins I ever actually tried. Plus, I want to show you how easy and fun it was to make!

So, here's my pinspiration... Isn't it lovely? 

Source: via Audrey on Pinterest

I ended up making something very similar for one of my friends who was pregnant with a girl at the time. The name she had picked out was Ruby. Isn't that adorable? And it works perfectly with this project! So, I found out her nursery colors and then went to work. This makes such a nice gift!

I'm calling this pin my "pinspiration" because I didn't follow it exactly...but I was inspired by it. If you read the tutorial (which I hope you will!), they used fabric to make their name art. I decided to use scrapbook paper and mod podge (my favorite) to create mine. 

The first thing you need is a frame with a bit of character. These are so easy to find! I found this one at a local thrift store for $2.75. The actual cutout size was 8x10, so it was great to use with scrapbook paper because I could just mod podge a single sheet onto the picture. If it had been any bigger, I would've probably had to use fabric like the original pin. 

Next, I took the picture apart and spray painted everything. I know. I spray painted over that lovely oil painting. I hope I don't regret that someday.

The spray paint I used is one I love--Krylon, indoor/outdoor, gloss, Blue Ocean Breeze. The can says "dries in 10 minutes or less" and it definitely does! Makes project times go much faster. I got mine at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon (comes out to about $3 after the coupon). 

I really, really like (okay, love) working with mod podge. I was really scared to try it at first, but once I did there was no stopping me! I wanted to mod podge everything. So don't be afraid to try it out! You'll love it.

The next step in the process was to mod podge the paper onto the canvas. I just covered the canvas with a layer of mod podge and stuck the sheet of scrapbook paper on top and worked out the bubbles. I didn't put any mod podge over the top of the paper, because it would give it a sheen I didn't want it to have. 

Sometimes as mod podge dries more bubbles tend to pop up. Just keep an eye on it and work out the new bubbles. I will say that my mod podge projects always seem to end up having a couple small bubbles that I could never get out. I've seen people use some kind of tool to help get the bubbles out, but I don't have that. So, I just live with the slight imperfections. They really aren't noticeable. 

Here is the actual scrapbook paper I went with. The picture above shows polka dots, but I ended up using this one with the scroll design.

While that dried, I worked on cutting out the letters. I used four different pieces of scrapbook paper, one for each letter, like my pinspiration. I also used my Silhouette SD like they did, but I'm not going to explain the Silhouette part. If you have one, you probably know how to cut letters out. 

If you don't have one, then what I would do is just print the letters off of your computer with the size and font you desire, and then cut them out to use as stencils. Trace them on to your scrapbook paper and then cut them out again. It honestly probably takes as long to do that as it did for me to figure out how to cut them using my Silhouette!

I attached the letters using glue dots, which you can find in the scrapbook section of your local craft store. As you can see, I overlapped the letters just a bit because I thought it gave it more interest. 

The final steps were to accessorize the frame. I had small, glass stones that were the exact color of my frame so I knew I wanted to use them somehow. They ended up fitting perfectly on the inside ridge of the frame, so I hot glued them all the way around. Tip: be sure to set them up where you want them first before you glue them down! 

I also added a fabric flower to the bottom corner using hot glue to secure it as well. Lastly, I ended up adding a clothespin just below the name, so that my friend could stick a small photo of Ruby on the picture if she wanted. I glued (with a glue stick) some scrapbook paper to the top of the clothespin to make it cuter. 

And that's it! I ended up with this really cute keepsake gift to give one of my special friends. So, did I pin a win?? Yes, I did! I loved working on this project, and I loved how it turned out. My friend loved it too. I think she actually teared up a bit when she opened it. Yay!! Hope you'll try it too! 


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  1. yes, you pinned a win! this looks so great in ruby's room. however, the clothes pin eventually fell off. i tried to make it stay, but i finally just took it off.

    thanks again! it will be a keepsake for ruby for a long time. :)

  2. That's ok if the clothespin fell off. I vaguely remember putting it on to where it could easily come off in case you didn't like it. :)

    So glad you you liked it. Give that beautiful Ruby a big kiss from me!