Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Family Ties...Oh and Shirts Too

Me: Elliott, did you know some little boys and girls don't have toys?  Their mommies and daddies can't afford them. What do you think about taking some of your's and Asher's toys you don't play with anymore to the thrift store so some other boys and girls can have them and play with them?

Elliott: But I play with all my toys....They can have the broken ones.

Alas, I wish his response would have been sweet so I could brag on him, but this is my child.

I spent my entire day cleaning out closets and toy boxes since spring has seemed to come and go, and it is now summer.  It was a whopping 80 degrees yesterday at the park, and I have a sunburn to prove it.

I put back most of my winter stuff, but decided to leave out my button-up shirts.  It's weird that I am now old enough to see trends come back that I did as a kid. And no, I'm not above doing them again... I'm talking about tying the front of a button-up shirt.

BCBG Dress: Thrifted $8; Shirt: Old; Shoes: JCPenny $8 or $10 (?);  Necklace: Thrifted $4;  Bracelets: Forever 21 Gift; Earrings: F21 $3
I tried my tied shirt over this dress.  I actually liked how the buttons flowed.  However, I wanted to try it with an A-line skirt.

Skirt and Belt: F21 $14; Necklace: Charlotte Russe $2; Same shirt and shoes as above
I think this look is a little more fun and spring-like.

I am currently looking in my closet at all the button up shirts I have and thinking of the possibilities......

What do y'all think?  Which outfit did you like best?

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