Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Six Months to Defrump Me! {what you may have missed - Part 1}

We started this blogging journey September 1, 2011. We've now been blogging over 6 months!

Now, maybe I'm a bit of a pessimist (not really; probably more of a realist with tinges of optimism), but I was skeptical that our little blog would make it this far. I know, that sounds bad. But the great thing is...YOU! We have gotten tons of support from y'all! We love and appreciate every comment, both here on our posts and on Facebook and Twitter.

It's hard sometimes to remember that bloggers are real people, so it often surprises and delights me when I get a comment from someone at church or where ever telling me how encouraging and interesting they find our little slice of creative expression. Warms the heart and keeps us going! So if you've ever considered saying something, please do! We {heart} you guys!!

For those of you who haven't been following our journey since we started, here are some of the highlights. (It's like a clip-show, but bloggy style.) :-)

We started out by introducing ourselves and our main areas for "defrumping" (Susan/Heart; Lauren/Diet; Audrey/Home; and Amber/Style). Then we jumped right into sharing with you what we were doing and ideas we thought others could use. (Today, to avoid link and photo overload, I'm just highlighting some posts from Lauren and me. Amber and Audrey's posts will come next time around, and they are no less special!!)

Lauren reviewed a weight-tracking app, wrote an incredible tutorial for our favorite menu-making/recipe-saving website SayMmm, and showed us how to make her AH-mazing whole wheat bread.

Here are some more of my favorite posts from Lauren:

Earring Makeover Tutorial - It's so easy!

Autumn Oatmeal - Yummy!!
Suave Dry Shampoo - A review and how to use it.
Dry Shampoo for dark hair - Homemade recipe for us brunettes!
5 Weeks of Menus - This could be revolutionary!

Pinning Responsibly (and how to find a broken pin) - So helpful for those of us addicted to Pinterest!

DIY Cardigan (no-sew tutorial) - Isn't she beautiful?

Marriage is a Safe place - This is really good stuff.

Not to mention having a new menu every week - Lots of ideas here!

Lauren is also our resident techie and webmaster (mistress?). She's super talented and a terrific mommy to three - going on four!!

After introducing some important relationship topics on ParentingFriendships, and Marriage, I got to do some more fun posts like:

Geocaching Tutorial - Cheap and easy idea for family fun.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal - 5 minute microwave recipe that is healthy, too.
Skinny Jeans alteration tutorial - A frugal way to keep up with the trends.

Bangs - A DIY experiment that worked!

Another 5 Week Menu - For more ideas, and yes, it works great!!

Dairy Free menu - Back when my nursing baby was dairy intolerant.
Grace for imperfection - What do you do when you fall off the bandwagon or fail your resolution?
Baby food spice jars - A fun tutorial to help organize your kitchen.

Let me just say that I am *thrilled* to be a part of this project! And I am so excited to see where we go from here! Stay tuned for more highlights from Amber and Audrey!

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