Friday, March 2, 2012

Weight Loss Challenge {Sumptuous Salads}

Salads aren't my favorite. When I was younger, it seemed that a salad was just like eating grass or leaves (which, I admit, I have eaten before...back in elementary school...probably due to a dare or something--ha!). Add a couple of carrots (yuck!) and tomatoes (ewww!) and eating a salad to me was just plain torture!

But as I entered high-school and later college, I learned to enjoy salads as long as they were drenched in ranch dressing and croutons. :-) But they were never something I craved, you know?

Now as an adult trying to make healthy choices as well as lose weight, salads are a life-saver! I have decided while on this weight loss challenge, that I am gonna work on making salads at home that are really yummy. No more of the lettuce and carrot sticks salad. Nope. It's time I did some research and really explore what all I can put on salads to make me actually want to eat them. And I want to branch out with my salad dressings. I want to try vinaigrettes...OR dressing! Gasp! I actually did that today while I was out. I ordered a delicious Cranberry/Apple/Pecan/Chicken salad from Schlotzsky's and ate it without the dressing. Didn't even miss it!

I've been pinning away on my Salads board on Pinterest. Here are a few stunning salads that I can't wait to try! Click on the pictures to get the recipes. Enjoy!

Sweet Talk Salad (spinach, cup of mixed fresh fruit, bell peppers, nuts, etc.)

Rainbow Salad (lettuce mix, mandarin oranges, feta cheese, red peppers, celery, etc.)

Tropical Jungle Salad (spinach, blueberries, iceberg, celery, feta cheese, nuts, etc.)

Crunchy Cinn-Apple Salad (Red leaf, apple slices, egg, sugar-free apple cinnamon granola, etc.)

Blackberry Salad (leafy lettuce, blackberries, tangerine slices, walnuts, etc.)

Don't these salads look stunning?? I also want to say that I've recently tried Panera's Fuji Apple Chicken salad and Schlotzsky's Cranberry/Apple/Pecan/Chicken salad, and BOTH were absolutely delicious! With the fruit and nuts and dressings, they are a bit higher in calories; so, what I do is either just get a half-salad with a half-sandwich, or get the full salad without the dressing.

A GREAT tip I got from Marekah over at Working on the Temple is to order your dressing on the side; and as you take each bite, dip your fork in the salad dressing and then get your salad on the fork (instead of pouring the whole serving of dressing on your salad). This will drastically reduce your calories.

Hope you have fun researching your own favorite salads! Keep up the good work!

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