Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Young Love and Stripes

When  I was in third grade, my best friend Bobbie (short for Roberta) decided to get a boyfriend.  His name was John, and he was a man (5th grader).  So naturally, I needed a boyfriend.  Who better than John's little brother Ben?  Ben and I quickly hit it off, or at least he said yes on paper (yeah, I asked). And our relationship became comparable to all the great love stories of the past.... Ok, we didn't talk to each other again until he decided to break up with me.

Since our love blossomed with a note, it was ironic it also ended with a note.  You see, Ben sat behind me on the bus, and he threw a wad of paper at me as we were waiting for the rest of the kids to board so we could go home.  I un-wadded it to find a stick-man drawing of myself  with crazy eyes and hair sticking straight out of my head.  The words "YOUR UGLY" were floating above stick-man me.

It was time to retaliate.  I hit him with all I had.  As I turned around to glare him in the eyes, I shouted "YOU'RE UGLIER!"  I then re-wadded the un-wadded note and threw it out the window.

Little did I know, my bus driver was standing exactly beside MY window. I watched, horrified, as he bent over and picked up the paper ball.  I then became the one being glared at.  My bus driver marched onto the bus, and the smoke was practically oozing out of his red face.

What happened next plays in my brain like a mini movie scene.  The bus driver went into a long monologue about what a horrible person I was because I littered the earth.  As his voice grew louder and louder, I sank further and further into my seat.  He and little ol' ugly stick-man me had the attention of all of the kids on the bus.

At the end of his monologue, the entire bus erupted in applause and whistles.  The bus driver made me take the wadded note back, and as I held on to it, I cried silent tears all the way home.

Needless to say, I still hold a grudge against recycling, going green, making the earth beautiful...yada yada... ;-)

However, I don't have any problem with saving a few dollars.  That's why I loved wearing this outfit the other day.

Striped Top: The Limited thrifted $2, Gap Flare Jeans: thrifted $5, Aldo Nude Wedges: thrifted $4, Necklace: Forever 21 $2.80

My entire outfit was less than $14!!  That definitely puts a smile on my face all the mean 3rd grade boys and bus drivers in the world can't wipe away.  :-)

Oh yes, I must also mention I turned 30 yesterday.  Yay me!  My husband surprised me with this giant 3-0 as he, family, and friends rang my doorbell and sang happy birthday to me.  I'm a blessed girl!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Good job, Christian on the sparkly numbers.

  2. Bet that little creep wouldn't call you ugly now!!!