Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A baby and some BB cream

Just for grins:
My baby, Paisley, copying my faces :-)
So, I'm 24 weeks pregnant now (how????), but I have yet to experience that pregnancy "glow." Not that I ever do. Skincare in general has always been a totally mystery to me, and now that I'm 30 I feel like my skin is freaking out even more than ever. I've realized that I have really sensitive skin, yet I have oily spots, breakouts, and dry patches -- all of which seem to require different products/chemicals. I've learned if you have oily skin and breakouts, you shouldn't use products for oily skin. That's just for people with oily skin without breakouts. WHAT?? It's just all too confusing for me. I have potions and lotions galore, and none of them have ever made me feel like they were worth what I've spent on them.

I also feel like I've never found a foundation that I really like (in spite of trying a LOT). I wear it anyway, because I want the coverage, but I don't love it. I am fair, but I don't feel like I'm abnormally fair, and yet all makeup seems to be too dark, no matter how "ivory" it claims to be.

So, when I heard about BB cream I was intrigued. It was originally designed for people with highly sensitive skin who were recovering from laser surgery. It is supposed to smooth and refine sensitive skin while evening out skin tone. Many BB creams are tinted, so people use it as a makeup primer or even to replace traditional foundation. Many products claim to reduce pore size, moisturize, prime, cover -- basically your one-stop-shop. The problem is, all the creams I had seen to this point were expensive (in the $30-40 range). That's just too much for me to experiment with.

BUT. And you knew there was one coming. I recently discovered, through some other blog friends, that Garnier has introduced a BB cream of their own. It's only $10 for 2.5 oz ($12 in store at Walmart), so that's actually super cheap if it really replaces all those other products! The reviews on it are generally fantastic, so I have high hopes for it (a setup for disappointment of course).

I got some last night in the light/medium shade and started using it today. I will keep track of my thoughts each day for the next week and report back next Tuesday what I think. I will say that right off I'm impressed, because it can definitely replace my foundation! Yay! I'll save the rest of my thoughts for next week. ;-)

Have you tried BB cream? What do you think of it?

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