Monday, April 23, 2012

{Did I Pin a Win?} Travel first aid

Did I Pin a Win?
Our family is on vacation this week for the first time since my oldest child was born! (She's 5 1/2.) I put countless hours in researching "road trips with kids" and "car games." One of the things I decided to do was make a couple of first aid kits -- a well-stocked one for the car, and a smaller version for the diaper bag. I know, I should have this anyway. I didn't want to buy separate antibiotic ointments for each kit, plus I didn't have the space in the minimalist kit, so I decided to check out this pin to see if it would work!

Source: via Mare on Pinterest

Here are my supplies:
  • lighter
  • ointment
  • straw (clear works better, but I used what I had)
  • needle-nose pliers  

The process involves pinching the end of the straw with the pliers, leaving just a bit hanging over. You take your lighter and melt that end. Easy!!!

You do have to check to make sure you sealed the whole thing in. You can see here I have a tiny hole left on the bottom end of the seal.

The process itself was super easy! I'm sure clear straws would be better because you could more easily see the amount of ointment you were putting in. But this worked fine!

I actually tried it with a liquid medicine as well, putting one dose in each individual packet. It worked really well with that too! I did learn that it does not work with anything containing alcohol... makes sense. :-)

These worked perfectly to put in my first aid kits!! Unfortunately, we did get to find out if they were user-friendly. On me, actually! I never expected to be the one to need it. :-) But we just clipped the end of the packet with some clippers (also in the kit), and it worked perfectly.

I would definitely say this pin was a win!!! It was kind of a nice, relaxing project to work on too. 

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