Monday, April 16, 2012

Egg in a Basket: Making Breakfast Easy

Hi y'all!  This is kind of a spontaneous random post I just decided to do while making breakfast this morning.  My husband leaves for work at 6:45 each morning, and I recently decided to get up with him to make his lunch and breakfast.  This is HUGE for me since I am by no means a morning person.  In fact, the first week I did it, he commented on how he wished I'd actually talk to him.

Since my brain is so low functioning in the wee hours of the morn', I need simple tasks to enable me to be on autopilot. That's why I'm glad my husband introduced me to this yummy easy breakfast called "egg in a basket".

If you've never heard of it, it's basically a fried egg in the middle of a piece of toast.

Step 1:
Find something to cut out the center of your bread.

Step 2:
Turn skillet on medium/high, and add butter.  Put your bread and  the center of the bread on the skillet.  Crack an egg and drop it in the hole of the bread.  Add salt.

Step 3:

Let it cook to your desired taste, then flip the whole thing.
Step 4:


I hope y'all like this easy yummy breakfast.  I know we sure do! Do y'all have any fast and easy breakfast recipes to share?

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  1. Thanks for sharing - I think we'll try these in the morning!!