Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Followup: My Experience with Garnier BB Cream

I've been using Garnier's BB cream for a week now. (Read last week's post to find out what this stuff is.) I kept daily track of my thoughts, and thought I'd share those with you, ending with my conclusion!

I know if I were reading a review about a skincare product, I would want to know what kind of skin that person had so I could determine if it might work for me. So, for your reference and comparison, here are the details about my skin:

  • Oily, breakout-prone, but with flaky, dry patches. (I know. Whaaaatt...??)
  • Dark spots & scars (if I get tiny scratch anywhere on me, I get a scar. Stinking genetics.)
  • Large pores in T-zone
  • Very sensitive. Fragrances of any kind and most creams/lotions make my skin itch, burn, red, just basically bad.
Ugh. After writing that, I feel much worse about myself. Moving on... :-)

day 1
Morning: I am surprised with the coverage this gives! It feels nice on my skin, though it is a little bit shiny. Color seems to be a good match. It is light if you only use a little bit. It gets darker if you put too much on. I think I might have used a little bit too much today. You don't need as much of this as you might use of foundation. I like the smoothness of it. I am very pleased that I will not have to use foundation on top of it.
Evening: I am shocked to say it, but I think this looks even better tonight than it did when I first put it on. It has not worn off at all, and usually I have had to touch up my makeup by evening. The shininess wore off pretty quickly as it absorbed into my skin. It does have to dry, kind of like a lotion. I feel like my skin actually looks a little better tonight, and my pores are slightly less noticeable. I also do not have any dry patches like I normally would by this point in the day. It definitely seems to have hydrated all day long.

day 2
Morning: Now that I have realized that this is primarily a moisturizer, I decided to let it set about 10 minutes before applying the rest of my makeup. This made some difference, but I feel like it's still pretty shiny. I LOVE the creamy texture. It goes on very smoothly. This is especially noticeable around my eyes. It doesn't settle into tiny lines like traditional makeup does. I am looking forward to what it looks like the rest of the day.
Two hours later: My face still feels shiny. I might add a little bit of powder. I am very pleased with the overall look though. It feels very nice, the finish is great, and my skin is very happy.
Evening: I realized that I used my normal moisturizer before the cream this morning. I think that was the cause of my all-day shininess. Overall though, I am very pleased with the texture of my skin this evening.

day 3
Morning: I didn't use my normal moisturizer this morning, and the cream soaked into my skin much better. I didn't even use the powder I bought yesterday. After letting it set for about five minutes, I was ready to put on the rest of my makeup. I am still loving the creamy texture. It goes on so smooth!
Evening: Still impressed with the staying power this stuff has!

day 4
Morning: I think I about have down how much of this to use. I would almost say I need to *feel* it instead of look at it to determine this, because it seems to settle and smooth as it soaks into the skin. It is really more similar to applying lotion than foundation.
Evening: This cream almost seems to become one with your skin. It's not coming off until you wash it off! And yet it doesn't feel bad like makeup does by the end of the day. I am so impressed with how my skin looks as fresh as it does in the morning. I feel like it evens out my skin type. Dry spots are no longer dry, and oily spots don't get as shiny. Oh -- and I haven't had any new breakouts since using it. That's amazing to me because my skin usually struggles with a new product, and many foundations make the problem worse.

day 5
Morning: Nothing new, but still loving the creaminess!
Evening: Even after napping today, this stuff looks good. Maybe even better????

day 6
Morning: I have totally adjusted to putting this on. It goes on quickly, and I just do my eye makeup while it's drying. By that point, it's ready for blush or bronzer.
Evening: The texture of my skin is actually starting to change! It is smoothing out and feels much softer. I am excited to see what extended use brings!

day 7
Morning: Ok, I'm officially sold. This has cut my makeup routine down a lot. Not only am I needing less and less (because I need less coverage!), but it cuts out a few other products I used to use -- moisturizer and primer mostly. I know I keep saying it, but it goes on SO smoothly. Usually foundation finds every little flaky spot of skin and clumps up. This truly does just glide on and settle right in. I LOVE it around my eyes. I feel like I'm doing something good for those little wrinkles that 30 has brought on. =(
Evening: I really love how this stays on no matter what I do. I feel like my face is much more touchable, that I won't be wiping makeup off. It also just still looks good at the end of the day. By now, I can tell that my skin is actually smoothing out, not just on the surface. My husband even noticed it!

I'm a believer! I am going to keep using this and will let y'all know if I notice any more change. Here's how I rate it in these categories, on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the worst:
  • Coverage: 8 (I have used many foundations that do not cover as well)
  • Application: 10 (soooooo creamy and smooth)
  • Color: 6 (If this sticks around, I hope to see one that's a little lighter)
  • Hydration: 10 (24-hour claim is true)
  • Smooths skin: 8
  • Covers fine lines: 8
  • Reduces pores: 6 (I can't tell too much difference yet. Maybe over time...? I'm hoping!)
  • SPF protection: 10 (I guess? I certainly haven't gotten a sunburn :-)
  • Value: 10+!!! (It replaces so many products, and comes in such a big size [2.5 oz.] that $10-12 is nothing!)
Any questions? Have you tried BB cream of any brand? Let me know what you think!

Disclosure: I bought this product myself, and all opinions are my own. No one asked me to review this.


  1. ooh, i think i'm sold. one question. do you use concealer for breakouts? if so, did you apply the concealer before or after using the BB cream? my normal routine is moisturizer, concealer (for any zits), foundation which blends the concealer. but if BB cream replaces the moisturizer, when do i apply the concealer?

    1. I still do use concealer, under my eyes as well. I always apply after foundation anyway, so I use BB cream, then concealer. It totally replaces your moisturizer. For me anyway. Let me know what you think!

  2. I have skin just like yours. Maybe I'll give this a go!