Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finding Free Kindle Books

I get asked this question all. the. time. "How do I find free books for my Kindle?" One of my favorite things about my Kindle is the plethora of free and super cheap books available. Today I'm going to cover three ways to get free books on your Kindle. (Those of you who don't have a Kindle aren't left out -- nearly every platform has an app for reading Kindle books.)
  1. Tracking the price of a specific title
  2. Newsletters and searches
  3. Borrowing from your library

Tracking the price of a specific title

There are times that you know what book you want, but you don't want to pay the $10 (or more) that the ebook costs. If you are patient and want to wait for a lower price, you can track that book individually.

1. Find your book on Amazon (make sure it's the Kindle version). Under the "Product Details" section, find the ASIN and copy it.

2. Go to eReaderIQ Price Drop Tracker and paste the ASIN. Include your email address where you want to be notified, and the threshold to observe. Note that you will be notified when the price drops by this amount, not when the book costs this. So if a book costs $9.99 and you enter $3, you will be notified when the book drops to $6.99 or lower.

3. Sit back and wait to be told your book is cheaper! Or better yet -- FREE.

Newsletters and searches

Another way to keep up with books that are free is to subscribe to an email list. I also use eReaderIQ for this. I like this service because they will filter questionable titles for you. This isn't fail-proof, but it's way better than other lists I've tried.

You can also do filtered searches among the free books.

Borrowing from your library

You will have to check with your local library to make sure this option is available, but if it is, you are in luck! I love getting books this way. My library uses the Overdrive system, so this will only apply to those of you whose libraries use the same (which is probably a lot of you -- over 18,000 libraries use this system).

1. Go to the website your library links you to. I'm assuming that it will look something like this:

2. Find the book you want to borrow. Click "Add to Download Cart" next to the Kindle format (be sure you don't click another format. Follow the process to check out.

3. Click "Get for Kindle." You will be redirected to Amazon to complete your loan, where you can choose which Kindle device you want your book to be delivered to.

I love this method because it still uses WhisperSync, meaning your bookmarks and last page are saved across your devices. I often read a few pages on my phone while I'm out, and I love that I pick up right where I left off on my Kindle.

I hope this answers your questions about getting free books on the Kindle! There are other ways, and other lists you can follow, but I just covered what I have found that works for me. If you have any other tips, please share!


  1. you forgot the easiest way -- let your daughter do it for you...jk

  2. I've had a hard time figuring out the library loan process. This makes it seem a lot easier. I guess I didn't realize it took you to Amazon. I'll have to try again. Then again, I'm kinda in your mom's camp. :-D